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Nov 3, 2019

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I won’t forget first meeting Mo and Adam face to face in Georgetown the day of their engagement session. Mo’s energy and enthusiasm was magnetic and contagious from the start. It was clear that she and Adam were an incredible pair. They both love the city they live and work in and were so excited for their friends and family to enjoy it with them. Mo and Adam’s DC wedding would truly celebrate the place where they were going to build their lives together. As they told me more about their Capitol View 400 wedding plans, I too felt the anticipation building!

The Night Before

The evening before the Big Day, I had the joy of photographing their intimate Catholic Ceremony at St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill. It was a sweet, private ceremony with Mo’s uncle, Father Donnie Hummel officiating. Maureen was clothed in nervous excitement and a Jacki O style white pencil skirt and coordinating blazer. It was so sweet to see her so ready to meet her groom at the alter!

The two tied the knot with their immediate family present. They were married! Their family enjoyed a dinner together prior to their preparations for the Big Day on Saturday.

The Big Day

Late Saturday morning I arrived at their hotel and began photographing Mo and Adam’s details. They were all timeless and classic…I would expect nothing less from these two!

When hair and make up was complete and it was time for these ladies to prepare for the day, Mo donned her Jenny Yoo for BHLDN gown and unveiled her bridal day attire for her bridesmaids! I think their expressions say it all!

Mo then completed her look with some help from her maid of honor, Sarah and her mother, Colleen and new mother-in-law, Katie.

She then opened a special wedding day gift from Adam…an album of all their adventures together thus far! Now only was it received with enthusiasm from Mo, but from her ladies as well.

The Men

Meanwhile, the men prepared for the big day as well. Adam was surrounded by his guys and his dad as he prepared to meet his bride.

The guys went for a stroll near the Japanese War Memorial and a few choice spots along the way to where Adam would see Mo for the first time that day.

They slowly made their was to the Supreme Court, which would soon be the site of their first look! And as Adam enjoyed the day with his men, Mo and her bridesmaids also made their way outside the hotel.

My associate photographer and I carefully made sure to walk in separate directions, planned in advance so as to not run into each other. I photographed the ladies in some special spots along the way as well!

Some of that included the Capitol, which stands across from the Supreme Court. The ladies had much fun as Mo twirled and played with her dress and veil, posed for some bridal portraits and laughed along with her bridesmaids.

It was a perfect location for a girl who loves her city!

The First Look

Then it was time for the first look between Mo and Adam. On the steps of the Supreme Court, Mo tapped Adam on the shoulder and he turned to see his gorgeous bride! What a once-in-a-lifetime moment!

After embracing, kissing and twirling, they paused for a couple portraits before the guards ushered us along!

The bridal party made their way over to that perfect Capitol view where Mo and Adam twirled their way up to the steps!

They spent time enjoying each other’s company and some veil shots!

The bridal party was so much fun to document and they really enjoyed their time together!

We then made our way back to the Hall of States and up to the rooftop of Capitol View 400. Before Mo and Adam’s DC wedding would begin, we had to take some very special portraits of Mo with her parents after her dad saw her for the first time that day.

The Ceremony

The ceremony on the roof of Capitol view 400 was blessed with beautiful weather and a clear sky. The ceremony was officiated by Father Hummel and Adam’s father, David, also incorporated the Jewish traditions important to both Mo and Adam in their interfaith ceremony.

It was such a joy to hear words from both mothers as well as Adam and Mo sharing their personal vows to one another. They both affirmed their love and admiration for one another, Mo emphasizing, “You are strong, and patient, and you have never doubted us…I admire the way love your family and mine, and I know you will be the most incredible father someday. ” And Adam promising to be the best husband, to support her whole heartedly and to never stop loving Mo.

As they broke the glass and celebrated to a thunderous “Mazel Tov!,” I think Mo’s words summarize the beauty of their marriage day: “Today is not a single decision. Today is the culmination of thousands of decisions we’ve made together, and these vows will fortify us for the all unknowns that we’ll meet as we let life take us where it must. For the rest of my life, you are my choice. I love you.”

Mo and Adam began the recessional joyously, hand in hand and took some time to celebrate together on the rooftop level above the ceremony as cocktail hour began.

Cocktail Hour

As their guests began to celebrate during cocktail hour, Mo and Adam’s family posed for some group family formals. In addition to their large family formals, Mo and Adam also took the time to enjoy the company of their nephews!

Mo and Adam enjoyed golden hour together on the rooftop of Capitol View 400 with some pretty special views of the Capitol, Union Station and the Washington Monument in the background at sundown.

The Reception

The reception space was lovely, with soft floral accents and that pop of red. Each guest had their name laser cut as a special favor waiting for them at their respective tables. The table numbers also had a sweet surprise on the back. They each had the name of a location that Mo or Adam had visited that holds a special place in their memories.

The reception began with Mo and Adam’s First Dance as husband and wife. It was soon followed by the welcome speech from Mo’s father.

The maid of honor and best man gave some unforgettable speeches after dinner. Sarah informed the crowd that even though they are the responsible, professional friends; their diet consists primarily of charcuterie and ice cream. And that Mo is everything a best friend is made of! She pointed out that Adam and Mo have a deep, unconditional respect and love for one another, which makes their relationship spectacular!

Chad reminded Mo and Adam that every guy out there was now in mourning knowing that Mo is officially off the market. And for every girl out there, today was just another day. LOL. He also likened Adam to Superman…with Mo holding the true key to those super powers!

One of my favorite parts of the reception then unfolded…the daddy/daughter and mother/son dances. Mo and her dad danced to one of her childhood favorites.

Adam also escorted his mother to the dance floor and cherished the moment with her.

Mo and Adam danced the night away with their closest family and friends on the rooftop above the city they love.

Mazel Tov!

Congratulations Mo and Adam! It was a joy to serve you on your Big Day at Capitol View 400! What an incredible day it was! Keep scrolling for more highlights. And thank you to these cool cats for making Mo and Adam’s wedding day so very wonderful! Here is a link to their wedding video which is definitely worth the watch: Mo and Adam’s DC Wedding Day

Venue: Capitol View 400

Venue Coordinator: The amazing Delmy Palmer!

Catering: Corcoran Caterers

Wedding Dress: Jenny Yoo NYC

Bridal Boutique: BHLDN

Videography: KJR Studio

Menswear: The Black Tux

Hair and Make Up: Tracey Garcia Hair and Make Up

Veil and Earrings: BHLDN

Wedding Rings: Descenz Diamonds

Florals: Nana Floral Event

Band: Doctor’s Orders

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