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Jun 19, 2018

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I first met Jenn when she was a bridesmaid at Mollie and Garrett’s Walden Hall wedding last October.  She was such a sweet and attentive bridesmaid…not to mention FUN!  So when she contacted me about her own upcoming nuptuals next year at the Riverview at Occoquan, I was more than thrilled to schedule a time to meet with Jenna and her mom.  We had a wonderful time discussing all she anticipated for her wedding day and it wasn’t long before we were planning the engagement session. I have been pretty excited about Jenn and Avery’s wedding plans for a while now.  So it was so fun to finally have this stunning engagement session with them at the lovely Salamander Resort.

Salamander Resort

I had never been to the Salamander Resort and rarely to Middleburg until Jenn suggested it.  And I am so glad she did!  It was such a lovely place and Middleburg is just such a sweet place to visit.  As we strolled along the grounds and explored the resort, Jenn and Avery’s chemistry came pouring out!  They really compliment each other and it is evident in the photos.

Salamander Resort

A Perfect Pairing

Jenn and Avery chose the perfect casual and formal ensembles for their session and that bouquet from The Posey Detail is just the perfect pairing! And that engagement ring…I love Morganite!  What a beautiful lavender and sage green palette…what a gorgeous session at the Salamander Resort with a perfectly paired couple.  Congratulations Jenn and Avery on your engagement.  I can’t wait for your wedding day next summer!

Salamander Resort

Where did you and Avery meet?

We met at JMU, where we were both Student Ambassadors. I was a new member in 2013 and Avery was the VP of membership. I loved watching him talk and present in front of the group. He’s an amazing public speaker! It wasn’t until the end of the semester that we started hanging out. On graduation day we spent the day together grad-party hopping (due to a mutual friend and bridesmaid, Renna!). Then over the summer we talked and face-timed.

When did you “make it official?”

Once we got back to school in the fall we made things more official and started seriously dating. Our parents met for the first time over Thanksgiving 2013. The Summer of 2014, he was at JMU working for orientation. Then the summer of 2015, he was working at Brown University. After that we couldn’t stand to be apart any longer. So Avery moved in with his brother in Alexandria. I was living at home in Herndon. Then we later both moved to Arlington and have been here since!

How did Avery propose?

In January, I was vacationing in Naples, Florida with my family (which I do every year). Avery had said he couldn’t make the trip because he was limited on PTO. This made sense to me because we have multiple Friday weddings, bachelor parties, and my sister’s wedding week in the OBX in May. I was super bummed that he couldn’t make the trip. THEN on Friday, January 12th, my parents, sister, and I went to happy hour at the Ritz beach tiki bar. Our neighbor in FL works for the Ritz, so we go there all the time. I didn’t think anything of it. Then Avery facetimed me and said “where are you?” Then he panned out the phone so I could see the beach and he said “me too!”

My sister handed me a package to open which had socks with engagement rings on them. The backstory is that he always gives me fun socks for every holiday or birthday- since I’m a nurse I can wear them to work! Then he said to come meet him on the beach where he proposed! He had something planned but forgot what he was going to say! Hunter (my future brother in law) also made the trip and was hiding in the bushes taking photos with my camera. Avery had brought it all the way from Virginia. The funny part is that I had purchased a new camera because this one was supposedly broken. But then it miraculously worked for the engagement shots!

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