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Jun 26, 2018

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This epic wedding day was a day that was years in the making…years of love, care, determination, long-sufffering and The Office.  Noah is truly the Jim to Amanda’s Pam and it brings me such joy to share this real-life love story at Brandy Hill Farm.

He’s the Jim to her Pam…

Let me start by saying, that I first met Noah and Amanda at the Rustic Wedding Showcase at Brandy Hill Farm over a year ago.  They were obviously a special couple from the start. I already knew Noah’s mom as she helped me through some difficulties with nursing after my son was born and I know that she is an amazing nurse, lactation consultant and friend. So I knew Noah had to be special too. I didn’t know Amanda so it has been a great joy to get to know her all along the way.

Three specific things make Amanda a stellar client.  She bleeds purple and gold as we are both JMU alumni.  Amanda (and Noah) have an over-the-top love for The Office.   She truly delights in watching her man do the things he loves.  It naturally seemed fitting as we scheduled things to have a JMU engagement session and these two knocked it out of the park!  You can see their session here:

Amanda and Noah’s James Madison University Engagement Session

JMU is a special place for Amanda and Noah as well, because that’s where they met! In fact, it was so fun to hear some of their story retold during the reception toasts. The entire day was filled with such sweet and sentimental reminders of both their beginning and their future.  They included memories in visual ways all over the barn and grounds.  Amanda even designed their invitation suite, putting her former job skills to work from Xpress Graphics.  And isn’t this one of the most fantastic invitation suites?  Paired with her air plants and succulents, it really captures the design of their Big Day.

Brandy Hill Farm 01

Preparing for the Day

Amanda and her ladies prepped and her mother helped pin in the incredible succulent-filled hairpiece.  Amanda and her ladies also enjoyed some mimosas in their beautiful robes before donning their lovely dresses for the wedding day.  Amanda and her father also shared the most precious first look, followed by some penny-in-the-shoe traditions as well as a peak at his tie that was a gift from Amanda.  And it wasn’t without tears all around!

Brandy Hill Farm 02

The Men and the Women

The men were pretty sharp themselves and enjoyed the time together prepping for the big day as well.  Noah led the charge, looking as dapper as can be!

Brandy Hill Farm 03

The women looked gorgeous in their blush and pink dresses as well!

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

First Look

After some incredible bridal portraits and portraits with her ladies (and one very adorable flower girl), Amanda and Noah shared a first look.  It was everything a first look should be!  And to top it off, Noah shared a special gift with Amanda…this was after having a special letter delivered to her as well.  Noah is such a romantic at heart!

Brandy Hill Farm 05

Brandy Hill Farm 06

Couples’ Portraits and the Ceremony

It’s always such a special part of the wedding day…the couples’ portraits.  Romantic portraits together at the place where you are about to tie the knot.  Amanda and Noah strolled along the grounds at Brandy Hill Farm, enjoying and taking in all it has to offer.  It was such a splendid time!  They are so comfortable and at home with each other and their chemistry is so evident.  They made Brandy Hill Farm look exceptionally beautiful that day!

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And their wedding party certainly added to the fun and beauty of the day!

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

The ceremony was sweet, sentimental and gorgeous!  The greenery laced hoop served as a perfect arbor and the tying of the hands was a perfect tradition for the start of marriage.  Amanda and Noah also read their own vows to each other and it was fun to see how many similarities they shared in their sentiments toward one another.

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

The Reception

I loved the toasts at this reception! They were full of just the sweetest memories and heartfelt well wishes.  Noah’s dad spoke too, despite a terrible injury to his leg and surgery days prior.  And of course, the one that gets me every time…the daddy/daughter dance and the mother/son dance!  Ahhh…always tears.  And when the photographer knows how amazing the mother of the groom is, well…that just makes it weepier!  And of course, Noah and Amanda knocked it out of the park for their first dance!

Golden Hour

Golden hour was wonderful!  No rain, no crazy weather…just pure golden sunset.  And Brandy Hill Farm is stunning on both sides.  We took a short stroll and Amanda and Noah took advantage of the weather for some final romantic outdoor portraits of each other before heading back inside the barn.

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

The Reception Part Two

The rest of my coverage time was fantastic.  The dance floor was full of action and movement and Noah and Amanda enjoyed their guests.  I really can’t begin to express what a PERFECT day it was.  I am just so excited for this sweet couple.  I know that after I left, Noah even DJ’s for a while (he is a DJ too, folks!).  So you know they had a great time before heading off on their honeymoon.  Congratulations Amanda and Noah!  I can’t wait to see what is in store next for you! Keep reading to see how they met and fell in love and who the amazing wedding professionals are who helped make it happen…AND more images!

Thank you to these folks!

Venue: Brandy Hill Farm

Planning/Florals/Decor: The Posey Detail

Catering: Roadside Chive catering + events

Additional Decor: DIY from the Bride and

 Main Street Weddings & Events

Hair and Make Up: Mane Street Hair Salon, LLC

Doughnuts and Cake: Knakal’s Bakery

Menswear: Suit Supply

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Videography: Event Media Productions

Jewelry: The Bride’s Mother!

Their Story

So how did they meet? In Amanda’s words:

Once upon a time I was a sophomore at JMU who for some crazy reason decided to take a Computer Science class to help with my Web Design major. So the first day of class, in August 2009, I went to Computer Science 139, a class in which we were lined up in the front of the class room and told to go down the line calling out 1-4 as it became our turn. Then, guess what? Go stand with the other people that have your same number.

I was teamed up with three other guys: some guy who’s name I don’t remember, a tall skinny guy with a backwards hat, skater shirt, cargo shorts & flip flops named Noah, and his roommate Jason. As the semester went on we all worked together well…not so much what’s his name, but Noah, Jason, their other roommate who was also in our class (Bon), and I. We would study together at the guys’ apartment, watch The Office together, and they would even cook me chicken nuggets.

Throughout this time I had a boyfriend that attended another school, so there wasn’t a romantic prospect on my mind, but I discovered that Noah and I got along really well and that I enjoyed hanging out with him and his roommates. As the year progressed we would hang out more frequently and my roommate Ariana would tease, “he likes you!!” And I would say “C’mon we aren’t in middle school anymore…it is possible to just have guy friends.”

Well wouldn’t you know…once the school year ended, my current boyfriend and I broke up and the very next day I get an IM from Noah…”Hey, what’s up. :]” We proceeded to talk everyday throughout the summer and when I moved back to school in August we planned our first date…one of those where you have no clue if it is a date or not though, until the check comes. Sure enough, he paid! 😀

We went about dating for about a month until September 26, 2010, when he invited me to a pig roast back at his parents’ house in Culpeper for the weekend, along with some other friends from school. Once there I met his parents and one of his old childhood friends who was home on leave from the Army. He gave me the “don’t rush him, he had a rough time with his last girlfriend” speech and I was very understanding and informed him I was in no rush, he could take all the time he needed. Noah asked me to be his girlfriend later that night. Well worth the wait! 😀

How did he propose?

As with all stories there were ups and downs but any downs have only made us stronger. I have known I was going to marry him since about a year in and we are going on seven years this fall. First let me say we have been dating almost seven years (six when the proposal happened), so you know that hints have been dropped, parents have pestered and the discussion has been had many times as to when he was gonna pop the question.

So last September when our six year anniversary was rolling around and Noah said he had a surprise weekend trip planned I thought, “nope, it’s too obvious.” So he picks me up from work that Friday and we head out, me having no expectations for the weekend ahead. But also thinking I’m so smart that I found out the time on the GPS and start google mapping it and decided we were going to Philadelphia, PA. Ha ha, you can’t surprise me! And he acted as if I had figured it all out.

So I go on the rest of the ride, not really paying attention. After a long while, I ask how it is possible that we are still in Maryland, it never takes this long to drive through Maryland. It turns out we weren’t going to PA, he was taking me to Chincoteague Island, one of my dream vacations due to my love for horses.

We got there pretty late so we didn’t do much the first night, but spent the next day exploring the nature preserve, seeing the lighthouse, eating awesome tacos & ice cream, visiting an antique car show, & seeing a day old baby foal that had just been born. All with perfect weather…I couldn’t be happier!

That evening he had booked a boat tour around the island that was supposed to help you spot the wild horses. As it got closer to the time, the weather started taking a turn for the worst, skies graying and rain starting to fall. He kept insisting, “oh we don’t have to go, the tickets were cheap and I don’t really feel like being out there in the rain.” I refused, saying “I came here to see some horses, I was going to see them!”

Once we got there it looked like the rain hadn’t scared away anyone else either, there was a bunch of people waiting for their boat rides. The crew broke us up into smaller groups, telling us to go with the captain that called our names. Our captain called us and one other family. Once we got up to him he said the family had just called to cancel, so lucky us, we had the whole boat to ourselves! Crazy!! We started out alongside three other boats and a big group of dolphins were quickly spotted. So cool! They were swimming all around us.

After hanging with the dolphins for a while they started to take us around the island and the captain mentioned that if we found the horses on the beach we would be able to get off the boat and walk around near them. Unfortunately, the horses weren’t really cooperating and were never in a good spot. Eventually, our captain broke away from the other boats, saying they were too slow and took us around some more of the island.

As we started to head back to the dock, he said “I feel bad you guys didn’t get to see the horses close up, but there is this island in the middle of the bay with nothing on it but grass and sand and we could get off and walk around and take some pictures.” I said, “No thanks, I’m too cold, can we just go back?” Noah said, “oh come on he is already pulling up to it, let’s just get off for a minute. We will be back to the dock to warm up soon.” So we did, he pulled up and when the tide pulled back, we jumped off and walked a bit onto the beach while the captain stayed on the boat. I walked maybe 15-20 feet, stopped, and took a couple of pictures, then I was like, “okay, I’m done let’s go back.”

So I started to walk back to the boat when Noah grabbed my hand and said “wait”, so I turned back toward him to find him getting on his knee. This is right about where I blacked out, memory wise, because I don’t remember anything he said (he told me after the fact he read that this can happen to girl’s during a proposal, haha :D). So before he could even get the ring on my finger I kissed him and said YES!!!

It turns out the captain was in on it, Noah had rented out the whole boat, and the captain even took pictures of us! The captain had our favorite champagne for us when we got back on the boat. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing or memorable moment to start the next phase of our lives together!

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