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Oct 16, 2023

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Wedding crasher Ophelia couldn’t dampen this wedding day! We gathered at the lovely Rosemont Historic Manor on this cool and rainy day. Tropical storm Ophelia made her way through our region, but she didn’t rain on this wedding parade! In fact, I’ll share Sid’s words of their engagement story which were so perfectly poetic for this next momentous day in their love story.  

“As the raindrops tapped against the boat, creating a soothing rhythm, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of nervous excitement coursing through my veins. This moment had been months in the making. I was finally going to ask the woman I loved to spend the rest of her life with me. With our beloved puppy Tiggy by our side, it was the perfect day for a romantic adventure.

As I captained the electric boat, a smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I stole glances at my fiancée-to-be. She looked effortlessly beautiful, her eyes sparkling with joy and her laughter filling the air. The sight of her filled me with warmth and reassurance, calming the jitters that threatened to overpower me.

Mandy loves the ocean, evidenced by how she lights up like a lighthouse when she’s at the beach in Hilton Head Island. So there was no better way to celebrate our journey together than by embracing the ambiance of the rain-kissed Boston Harbor. The raindrops created a magical atmosphere, shrouding the surroundings in a mist, as if nature itself was conspiring to set the stage for this special moment.

I had arranged for a charcuterie board with delicate cheeses, succulent meats, and an array of delicious accompaniments. We sat together taking turns to steer the boat. The wet breeze tousled our hair as we sipped champagne, enjoying each other’s company. Tiggy obviously demanded some cheese since he too was an integral part of our love story.

I had it all planned out. Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” played softly in the background; this was our song, the soundtrack to our own love story. I felt my heart fluttering with anticipation as the climax of the song approached. When Taylor gave the cue, taking a deep breath, I turned to her, her eyes filled with curiosity and love. I got down on one knee, and with trembling hands, I held the ring out. My voice trembled as I popped the question and Taylor cheered me on — “Will you Amanda Coston make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?” 

With a joyful and radiant smile, she nodded and said “yes, a million times yes”. The most beautiful, and frankly relieving, words I’ve ever heard. In that moment, as we held each other tightly and kissed, Tiggy wagging his tail, I knew that our love story had reached a new chapter—one that promised a future of unending love, adventure, and companionship.”

“The raindrops created a magical atmosphere, shrouding the surroundings in a mist, as if nature itself was conspiring to set the stage for this special moment.” A surprise appearance by wild turkeys, along with the romantic florals provided by Sponseller’s Flower Shop, and ceremony strings played by the talented Labrador Entertainment, set the stage indeed! The entire day was a marriage of modern and traditional culture, music, style, and elegance. Amanda’s gorgeous mixed metal jewelry and rings from Taylor and Hart with traditional veil and lace on her stunning Eddy K dress was another example of the beauty of blending these styles and elegance. From bridal and wedding party portraits, to first looks and family portraits, ceremony to Sangeet, dances to toasts, ballroom blitz to bouquet toss, the evening exuded elegance, warmth, and the epitome of marriage!

Amanda, Sid, and Tiggy were such a warm and welcoming trio to their families, friends, guests, and host of vendors throughout the day and we congratulate them from the bottom of our hearts!

Speaking of vendors, we can’t forget to give a shout out to all these amazing vendors and their help to make this day amazing! Thank you! Keep scrolling to see highlights from their beautiful wedding day!

Venue: Rosemont Historic Manor | Photographer: Lieb Photographic | Florist: Sponseller’s Flower Shop | DJ: Romin Entertainment | Musician: Labrador Entertainment | Wedding Dress: Eddy K | Bridal Boutique: Brooke’s Bridal and Ball | Shoes: Kailee P  | Rings: Taylor and Hart | Videography: Hoang Pham Films | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff | Hair and Makeup Artist (Bride): JKW Beauty | Hair Artistry (Bridesmaids) Elegant Hair by Cori Campbell | Caterer: Celebrations Catering | Cake Artist/Baker: Chantal’s Bakery | Stationary: Minted | Transportation: Point to Point Limousines | Officiant: Anne and Neil Houghs

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