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Sep 25, 2019

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When they first inquired about my services, I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or a typo. But it’s true! Meet Tyler and Tyler…high school sweethearts who share such a sweet love story as well as first names. They are tying the knot next year at one of my favorite local wedding venues as well. I was thrilled when they chose Oatlands Historic House and Gardens for their engagement session location because the greenery and blooms are still lovely this time of year. Their Oatlands engagement session was beautiful, fun and not without an unexpected surprise.


Both Tylers picked out the perfect wardrobe ensemble. They couldn’t have matched their surroundings any better if they tried any harder! These two complimented each other in every way. And I have to say…addressing your clients as Girl Tyler and Boy Tyler is a unique experience as well!


Tyler and Tyler graced the grounds of Oatlands in some warm winter greens and and we discovered that Girl Tyler and I share a fondness of the Vici Collection. Her Vici dress boasted the perfect floral pattern for a late summer engagement session.


A Bee-Utiful Time!

There was an unexpected surprise when I felt a sting on my lower back. I quickly realized that a bee had flown up my dress and took aim! So I swiftly made my way to the restroom and managed to get it out. It was then I discovered that whatever type of bee it was, I didn’t react much to it. So on with the session we went!


It was such a gorgeous Oatlands engagement session from start to finish. The weather was perfect, the Tylers had fun together and looked amazing doing so! This has been a warm and bright September, in stark contrast to last year’s torrential downpours in the same month! I’m so excited we had this special time together before their Big Day next year at Walden Hall.


So how did Tyler and Tyler meet and fall in love?

Tyler and Tyler first met after seeing each other at a high school baseball game. Boy Tyler didn’t go over to talk to Girl Tyler while she was there, but she heard him yell out that she was cute! He later messaged her on Facebook, and they hung out for a few weeks before he asked her to be his girlfriend. She was 16 and he had just turned 18. Girl Tyler remembers, “I didn’t think anything of our relationship at the time – just thought it would be a summer fling.”


Fast forward almost eight years and here they are at their engagement session. As one would expect, they have had ups and downs along this eight year journey but as Tyler asserts, they have come out “stronger than ever.” I personally also enjoy their adorable instagram pics with their two cute pups, Chai and Ryder, who have joined them on their journey!


How did Boy Tyler Propose?

Tyler and Tyler were engaged on June 12, 2018 and have now officially been engaged for over a year. (Insert big smiles here). He proposed at National Harbor on the top of the ferris wheel! (How romantic is that?!) Girl Tyler was most certainly surprised and had no idea he was going to propose that night. He had told Tyler he had bought her ring in February of that year, but was waiting for the right moment to propose. She recalls, “He did so well, it was very sweet!”


I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next year! In the meantime, Tyler and Tyler plan to enjoy the wedding planning process and continue to love their fur babies and try new foods in new places together!

Congratulations Tyler and Tyler! Keep scrolling to see more highlights from their Oatlands engagement session!

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