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Sep 19, 2019

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The first time I met Kati and Brendan (better known as Rizz and Murph) in person was at their Airlie engagement session. They live in NYC and our initial consultation was over the phone. So I have been anticipating meeting them for so long now! They travelled from NYC to their wedding venue in Crozet and then back up to Airlie. Despite an incredibly long amount of travel, they were energetic and excited to start their engagement session, as was I!


It was the perfect day with equally perfect weather. Pleasant and warm but not overly hot, it was a lovely evening. Everything was just so well paired. Kati’s first dress even matched some of the gorgeous hibiscus in the formal gardens. And Rizz and Murph were the perfect mix of fun and spontaneity combined with grace and beauty…Airlie suited them so very well!


As we explored Airlie, it was fun to hear how all of their wedding plans have fallen into place. They will be tying the knot this Fall at the ver lovely King Family Vineyards.


We had such a wonderful evening and I couldn’t be more pleased to have the privilege of photographing these two on their wedding day in just a little over a month! Keep reading for more highlights from their engagement session as well as how they met and fell in love!


How did they meet and fall in love?

Brendan and Kati (Murph and Rizz to each other), met on June 24, 2013, at a NYC advertising agency. There was interest at first sight – and maybe even before, as Kati had Googled Brendan prior to him starting the new job.


Since they were on the same team, the two flirted for 6 months before that fateful work Christmas party in 2013 when Kati challenged Brendan to kiss her. From there, it was history! Kati & Brendan dated in secret for another six months before Kati took a new job and the relationship could go public (at work, at least). They have been together, and happy, ever since.


So Kati, how did Murph propose?

Brendan had been planning to propose on the Sunday of a long weekend. BUT, the night before, Kati texted him to let him know she would have to go into work the next day for a new business pitch meeting. Brendan somehow got ahold of her bosses email addresses, let them know what he was planning, and Kati soon after got an email saying she didn’t need to come in the next day. A few hours later, they were engaged (under the ruse that they were meeting friends for brunch) by the Hudson River overlooking NYC, where they had first met. Plus, they still had brunch after to celebrate!


Congratulations Kati and Brendan! I am really looking forward to your Big Day and I am so glad we had the opportunity to for your Airlie engagement session. Keep scrolling to see more highlights from the evening!

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