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May 14, 2019

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I first met with Rachelle in the Warrenton Panera. We had the best time chatting about everything. I learned so much about her and her relationship with Tyler. From the start, I knew working with these two would be a great fit. So when Rachelle suggested Northern Fauquier and Great Meadows for their engagement session, I knew it would be wonderful.

True to form, Rachelle and Tyler and their adorable (and well behaved pups) were fun to serve! Gold Cup had just ended the previous weekend so we had to avoid the tents and cones. But it proved pretty easy to do with a lovely golden hour at hand. And when your couple lives less than a mile away, you have to end the session right at home!

So how did these two meet and fall in love?

In Rachelle’s words:

“We met in high school where we had at least one class together every semester. It wasn’t until chemistry class (when I was forced to sit in front of Tyler) when we sparked a friendship. After graduating high school we lost touch. Although every time we’d see each other in passing while Tyler was on a break from school, we would pick up right where we’d left off. We would give each other a hard time, joking and laughing. 

He moved back home after he graduated from college and I remember seeing him at Gold’s Gym. He walked right past my treadmill without saying anything. I brushed it off thinking that maybe he didn’t recognize me or was in his “workout zone”. I ended up messaging him on Facebook later that evening saying something like “can’t say hi?” Little did I know at that very moment he was talking about me to his best friend Roger. He was shocked; he told his friend Roger, “you won’t believe who just messaged me.” 

We messaged for a while and he worked up the courage to ask me out. Our first date was at Outback Steakhouse, where I remember being impressed by how much he could eat and how hard he made me laugh the entire time. Needless to say our friendship quickly blossomed into a relationship and we’ve been inseparable for over 5 years now.”

How did Tyler pop the question?

On Saturday, February 2nd, we routinely walked our dog at Great Meadows with both of our moms. After dropping off the dogs, we headed straight to the gym. It seemed like a typical Saturday for us. Tyler called his mom and told her we would be there for dinner. We got to his parent’s house around 6:30 PM. I told Tyler I was going to feed the dogs, so I started making their bowls. 

Meanwhile, Tyler walked upstairs, and outside for a few minutes and I said “what are you doing?” (slightly sassy). He said, “I can’t find my car keys.” I said “I told you they were in the cup holder of my car”…again a little sassy with my response, because I literally just told him that when we were getting out of the car. He said, “they aren’t in there!” So I said, “Tyler, I know they are in the cup holder of my car…” He said, “can you look for them?” 

I stopped making the dog bowls and I stomped out to the car to prove him wrong (LOL), only to open the car door to find an empty ring box on the center console. In shock, I slowly turned around to find Tyler down on one knee with the sunset behind him. He asked “Will you be my Bunny forever?” I start crying and of course said “YES!”

Rachelle and Tyler, I can’t wait to serve you on your Big Day this summer!

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