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Apr 30, 2018

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It was another very chilly evening for an engagement session. But this date held special meaning for Maribel and Patrick.  It was their “day we met” anniversary!  How fitting that we schedule their session on such a special day.  Maribel loved the house and the grounds of Great Marsh Estate so it was the perfect choice for an early Spring Virginia engagement session. 

Great Marsh

Their Casual Attire

Maribel’s hair and make up was flawless, thanks to Yisell Santos Hair and Make Up.  (You have to book Yisell early because she is in demand, ladies!).  And Maribel and Patrick coordinated their clothing choices so well!

We chose to explore the grounds together for their casual outfits.  Great Marsh has so many beautiful spots.  I wish we had time for all of them.  We strolled along the pathways and went to the tree and rock cluster and Patrick and Maribel enjoyed their time together outside of this beautiful Virginia estate wedding venue.

Great Marsh

Their Formal Attire

When it was time to change into their formal outfits, the wind really picked up.  These two were such troopers!  We also employed the use of a lovely floral arrangement that was already at the house, courtesy of The Posey Detail.  Alyssa of The Posey Detail is also their wedding planner for Maribel and Patrick’s Black Horse Inn wedding this summer! 

Patrick and Maribel braved the cold wind for their romantic portraits in the back courtyard and on the steps of the Great Marsh Estate.  Patrick was such a gentleman, even pulling her tightly when the wind became fierce.  What a difference in weather from what their July wedding will most likely be like! 

Great Marsh

Let’s Practice Our Wedding Dancing!

Maribel and Patrick also practiced some twirling and dipping both in the courtyard area and in front of Great Marsh.  Let me tell you, these two are well prepared for the big day!  It was so wonderful to hear about their wedding day plans and how everything is coming together. 

What a beautiful couple!  And what a lovely, enchanting engagement session this was at  the Great Marsh Estate.  I just love Maribel’s magenta dress as well.  This time of year, a nice pop of color is so refreshing!  I am so excited about your big day, Patrick and Maribel.  I cannot wait to serve you and your families!

Great Marsh

So Maribel, how did you meet Patrick?

“Patrick and I met at a bar in Fairfax while I was out with some friends. He began talking to my friends and we later exchanged numbers. We started texting each other the same night and made plans to go to the gym the next morning.

We met at a parking lot in Fair Oaks Mall and from there we took one car to the ‘gym.’ He thought we were going to a regular gym but instead I took him to LA Boxing. (I had been practicing kickboxing/boxing for couple of years). I don’t think he was too excited (due to a massive hangover, haha). But still, we made the best out of our “first” date.

Great Marsh

Afterwards, we went to eat at Panera and talked for a little before heading back to the parking lot where we had left one of our cars. Before we parted our ways, he told me that he had a friend’s birthday party at a bar in D.C. and asked if I wanted to go. I told him, ‘Sure, I will let you know later.’ We said goodbye and left.

I remember talking to my friend and telling her about this guy I had just met, this party he invited me to and how I didn’t want to go by myself. She immediately said, ‘Let’s go! I’ll go with you.’ I messaged Patrick and told him that I would be going with a friend. He said ‘Sounds good.’ We all met at a bar in D.C., had a good time and then decided to go to another bar in Dupont Circle. My friend drove all of us, Patrick, two of his friends, me and her. We had a blast! We became inseparable after that night.

Great Marsh

Why is your engagement session so special being on April 17th?

We have been together for over 7 years at this point. Our ‘day we met’ anniversary is April 17th, the same day as our engagement session! We talked about getting married, but we never really sat down and talked about the logistics of everything. I moved from my parent’s house into an apartment and Patrick was living with a friend at the time. Their lease ended, and Patrick and I decided to move in together.

I don’t think we knew what to expect from this move. After all, I lived in a one bed / one bath apartment with Alexander, my silky terrier and Patrick was moving into this apartment with us. Surprisingly, nothing changed. We learned so much about each other and he helped me with Alexander. We stayed at our apartment for two years. Then we decided to buy a house, which we did! We currently live together with Alexander in our house in Bristow, VA.

Great Marsh

So Patrick, how did you propose?

Maribel’s parents were getting ready to travel overseas and be gone for close to a month. Before they left, they had a family gathering at her parents’ house. I wanted to make it special and propose in front of her whole family along with members of her extended family. It was a nice BBQ they had!

While everyone was sitting around the table, I got on one knee and started tearing up. I couldn’t help it! It was a very emotional time. Maribel thought I was going to tell her I was sick or that something was wrong with me. Haha! But nope! I opened the white box and there was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen (in her words, whew!).

Great Marsh

How did you pick out the ring?

Funny enough, a good buddy of mine is a jeweler and assisted me every step of the way with the purchase. I told him that I did not want to see the finished product. So when I opened the box up that night, believe it or not, it was the first time that I was also seeing the ring as well! Thank God it turned out to still be the ring I selected, hahahaha! I proposed on 3/25/17 but joked about wanting to wait another week and propose on April Fool’s Day! That would have been a killer prank, but oh well. I am very happy it happened the way it did, since I know her family means a lot to her. And I wanted to include them all in the special moment.

Great Marsh


Keep scrolling to see the rest of their engagement session highlights.  Maribel and Patrick, I cannot wait to serve you on your big day at The Black Horse Inn!  Congratulations!

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