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Apr 20, 2018

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We have had such a long Winter and then a cold Spring with buckets of rain.  March and April engagements have been challenging for any Baltimore Wedding Photographer. Amanda and Kyle’s Baltimore engagement session already had to be rescheduled once from their original March date.  So when the forecast looked cold and dreary for our April date, I think we were all a little nervous!  Initially, we were hoping for a bit more of the brick backgrounds and urban city vibes with a vibrant sunset behind Charm City.  But boy did we make some golden hour lemonade from what some would perceive as a lemon scenario! 

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

By the water…

We started by the water in Canton and Amanda and Kyle’s absolutely delightful fur baby, Nala came with us.  She could easily be the Maryland engagement session dog of the year!  She was so well behaved, polite and charming.  This dog puts the “charm” in Charm City.  But then, so do Amanda and Kyle! 

We spent time photographing at the very spot where they take the water taxi to work. I love spots that have a special shared meaning!  Kyle then took us for a walk around the side of the harbor to get a view of the hint of yellow coming in over the skyline.  I loved this view because you could also see their wedding venue, the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park, on the other side of the water.  These two were so genuinely happy and having a great time just being together…isn’t evident?! 

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Nala happily joined in on our time together and enjoyed the sights and smells.  As we carefully maneuvered runners, wet walkways and a pretty cold breeze, we dropped Nala off at home.  Then we headed to Patterson Park. 

Patterson Park

The cherry blossoms and magnolia blooms had fallen off the trees after the previous night’s rain, leaving a beautiful magenta blanket on the ground.  And the bouquet from Flowers by Lisa made for a wonderful mix of natural florals converging with urban architecture. 

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

We could also see some iconic views of the city from the park, including one of the Natty Boh Tower.  I made sure to capture some of Amanda and Kyle with the tower behind them.  They were so much fun, so full of life and truly were a joy to be with on their Baltimore engagement session.  Any Baltimore wedding photographer would be thrilled to have captured their couple with such iconic Charm City views!

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

I can’t wait for their Baltimore wedding day!!!  Amanda and Kyle, I had so much fun exploring a bit of Charm City with you and I can’t wait for your urban wedding this fall!  It is going to be amazing!  And wait until you see Amanda’s dress…this girl has taste!

Scroll down to see the rest of the highlights from this amazing Baltimore engagement session!

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

So how did they first meet? This is Amanda’s account:

“When I first took the job as the Assistant Lacrosse Coach at the College of William and Mary, I was weary for multiple reasons. One was  because I would be coaching against my former coach and teammates at James Madison University.  And two, I was not sure how exciting Williamsburg, Virginia would be right out of college. But I decided to take the risk and couldn’t be happier to have made that leap of faith! Kyle and I probably met before this night. But meeting someone in Williamsburg, let alone in the W&M Athletic Department was not exactly on my radar.

I remember everyone got together for a Happy Hour. Kyle and I were sitting next to each other while playing a card game on someone’s phone. We started talking about our favorite movies and continued to talk for the rest of the night. Kyle and I connected pretty much immediately.  We started hanging out, getting to know each other and laughing literally every other second. We did work in the same school/department/building so we did do the whole ‘laying low’ deal until we decided we were dating. The two of us had so much fun making Williamsburg (still to this day) one of our favorite places to be together. We explored every food spot imaginable, took day trips and weekends to fun spots in Virginia and supported Tribe sports what felt like everyday.

So what’s your outlook on the future together?

We are a great team and strive to be a better one every day that we have with each other. I am lucky to have a teammate who is so smart and can plan and research like no one I have ever met. And he is lucky to have me for the common sense portion and making him laugh when he’s being too serious. We look forward to making this team official on October 6, 2018 and continue building on everything in the future.”

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

So how did Kyle propose to his MVP?  Amanda recounts it play by play!

“My parents have a beach house in Fenwick Island, Delaware. We had planned a final trip of the Summer with my family there. Typically, it is pretty difficult to get my whole family together at the beach house between work schedules, kids, and other plans.  But I didn’t find it out of the ordinary when everyone was able to make the trip. I should have known when my brother said he was coming for a little over a day…or when my mom snapped at me when I just asked what we were doing for dinner that night. When we got back from the pool, Kyle asked me if I wanted to go on a bike ride with him. But I wanted to hang out with everyone since having everyone there is a rarity.

When I wouldn’t go on the bike ride with just Kyle; my sister, Lauren and brother-in-law, Adam said they wanted to go. I was in. We rode our bikes out to The Point, which has a beach that juts out into the Bay with an awesome view. It wasn’t until we parked our bikes and everyone was acting weird when I had that sweaty hands, nauseous feeling. Kyle kept touching his pockets. Lauren and Adam weren’t really saying anything and I was getting more nauseous.

How did you know it was “that moment”?

We walked out onto the pier and I was more uncomfortable and nervous than I had ever been. I wasn’t sure if I should do something to help set everything up for him so he would be less nervous or if I should just try to act normal. Kyle then said that we should walk out to the beach. He tried to hold my hand but I declined in a playful way since I was so anxious. His final line was, ‘We have a house, a cat, a dog…so do you think you would want to be roommates for life?’ Or at least that’s all I could really remember before blacking out a little!

Kyle got down on one knee and ask me to marry him. I quickly shooed him up from the ground, said yes and shouted ‘I KNEW IT!’ We headed back to the house with big smiles on our faces and a few cute pictures to savor the moment. There we were met with my nieces’ sign that said ‘Congrats Kyle and Amanda’ and a bunch of hugs.

How did you celebrate?

We headed out to dinner (Mexican, our favorite) and we celebrated with drinks, food and a ton of laughs. After dinner, being the Millennials that we are, we both posted on Instagram at the same time to let all of our friends know the big news. We were instantly showered with tons of love and excitement from all people from all steps of our lives. Kyle and I felt so lucky to be loved by so many family and friends.  We continue to get more excited every day to celebrate the big day with everyone close to us.”

The Big Day is this October!

Amanda and Kyle, I am so excited to document your Big Day and cannot wait for your Charm City wedding at Baltimore’s Frederick Douglass Maritime Park.  It is going to be the best day and this Baltimore wedding photographer will be there to serve you, your family and your friends!

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