Morais Vineyards | Family Sessions | Part Two


Nov 20, 2019

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My family sessions part two were scheduled this past Sunday at Morais Vineyards. It was a continuation from the sessions the week before and it was wonderful to be able to fit in more families. A few were sick and unable to make it (seems like everyone is sick!). But it was so wonderful to photograph these families, all of whom I can call friends!

Adrianne and Ben’s Family

What a great joy it was to photograph Adrianne’s family! Not only is Adrianne an incredible photographer, but she’s also an excellent “Second shooter” at weddings. She has recently devoted herself to film photography and is rocking the film world! But it’s her precious family that gets to see the lens of her Pentax 645n the most!

D.J. and Angela’s Family

I’ve known D.J. and Angela for so long now and so it’s been so fun to see their family grow into a thriving, active family of six. This session was particularly special because it is not long following the finalization of their adoption of their littlest addition! What a special privilege it is to photograph a family I think the world of!

Jarred and Heather

Jarred is the pastor of my church and Heather is his lovely bride. Through trials and celebrations both, these two are an incredible example of what marriage can be. My friend Heather is a gem…we pray for each other, learn about each other’s families, encourage each other in the Lord and share a love of very specific Fall colors and exploring the DMV! And she and Jarred truly look like newlyweds, don’t they?!

Mike and Christy’s Family

Mike works full time with musical instruments and is also the worship/music director at my church and I am blessed to call he and his wife Christy friends! Christy is also a full time music teacher in Prince William county and the children’s church director at our church! Talk about a full plate! But their favorite job by far is raising Hannah, who is becoming quite the dancer. I love this family…they instantly make you feel comfortable and welcomed. They never out on airs and are most genuine people. I’m so thankful for their friendship as well!

Well that’s a wrap for the 2019 Fall mini sessions! It was so much fun and I look forward to it every year. Thank you for everyone who also helped support Younglife Fauquier, Christ in Action and SAFE this year through it. Keep scrolling to see more highlights from the day.

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