Virginia Wedding Photographer | The Brides and Bridal Portraits of 2019


Jan 11, 2020

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I’m keeping it short and sweet! I’d like to introduce the beautiful, incredible, stunning, lovely brides of 2019! Here are their bridal portraits in order of their wedding date:

Alyxe at Walden Hall

Alyxe is stunning even with a whipping wind in the air! Her gorgeous Walden Hall wedding day was one for the books!

Sarah at Walden Hall

Sarah’s elegant gate, flawless complexion and stunning updo stole the show at her Spring wedding day at Walden Hall!

Lauren and Mountain Run Winery

Lauren graced the vines at Mountain Run Winery like a real-life princess on her warm and wonderful Mountain Run Winery wedding day!

Jenn at The Riverview at Occoquan

Jenn was stunning and smiling in lace and tulle for her beautiful waterfront ceremony at The Riverview at Occoquan.

Lauren at Rixey Manor

Lauren wowed everyone with her stunning open back gown, floral hair comb and soft wedding hair style at her Rixey Manor wedding.

Emily at Rixey Manor

Emily gave every bride a reason to want bridal portraits prior to the wedding day. She was such a beauty at golden hour for her Rixey Manor bridal portraits and again at her Rixey Manor wedding day.

Kristi at Airlie

Kristi also scheduled bridal portraits at Rixey Manor with me AND left time in her wedding day schedule for so many gorgeous bridal portraits as well. She was such a beautiful bride at her bridal portrait session and again at Airlie on her wedding day.

Rachelle at Marriott Ranch

Rachelle was an incredibly lovely bride with the mountains to naturally frame this body-builder at her hot and wonderful Marriott Ranch wedding day.

Brittany at Great Marsh

Brittany scheduled bridal portraits with me at Great Marsh prior to her wedding day and was a classic, stunning beauty in her Pnina Tornai wedding gown!

Annie at Fleetwood Farm Winery

Annie was sweet and stunning with the perfect bouquet for a Summer into Fall wedding at Fleetwood Farm Winery. She had the perfect weather and the perfect smile!

Mo at Capitol View at 400

Mo was fun, gorgeous and full of life at her Capitol View at 400 wedding. She was confident and full of joy at the Nation’s Capitol.

Kati at King Family Vineyards

Kati was a complete knock out in her custom made wedding gown by Jude Jowilson. She enjoyed a ceremony at Holy Comforter Catholic Church and a wedding reception int he mountains at King Family Vineyards.

Jamie at Rosemont

Jamie was stunning amongst pops of burgundy and wine and delicate lace sleeves. She graced the grounds at Rosemont like a true classic beauty.

Catie at Great Marsh Estate

Catie was lovely at her incredible winter wedding day at Great Marsh Estate. She was a timeless beauty in lace and fur.

What gorgeous brides of 2019! And what a joy it was to serve you. To see more reasons why you definitely need a bridal portrait session, go HERE.

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