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Sep 29, 2023

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This is a wedding I’ve been really excited to share because it’s the union of Kelsie and Bronson! I’ve known Kelsie since she was a girl and I couldn’t be happier to see her wed a man that everyone in her life approves of. I had the honor of serving as a bridesmaid in her wedding, which was such a joy. And so my friends, Rebecca Dotson and Brooke Lull photographed the day and I edited the images.

It was a perfectly beautiful day from start to finish and it would take me ages to write all my thoughts about the whole day. But I’ll say this…Kelsie and Bronson are starting their life together as man and wife by devoting themselves and their marriage to God and they seek to build a marriage together that honors Him and serves Him together. And for that, I am most grateful.

And Kelsie is such a wonderful young woman. I can’t say enough about how much she and her family means to me. And sidenote…she colors and cuts my hair as well! Kelsie was the most gorgeous bride and I am just incredibly excited to share the highlights from her day and I also can’t wait to see more of this duo together!

I thought it fitting to share their love and proposal story from both perspectives as well!

Kelsie’s story:

“We met online, (like everyone else in this post digital era). He stuck out to me cause he always responded in paragraphs, we actually called him ‘long text guy’ at work. In our conversation I learned that he was devoted to God and his family. As we started to date and become comfortable with one another I realized that he was also very goofy and made me laugh even when I didn’t want to. On November 20th, 2021, he proposed to me with his great grandmother’s ring at Chatham Manor. He’s the love of my life and I can’t wait to start forever with him.”

Bronson’s story (long text guy):

“We met online, which I feel is super uncommon in this day and age. I initially felt a thought I stood no chance with her as I saw someone who had her photos professionally taken and traveled, by the looks of her profile. We initially bonded over travel, and I feel that it is a passion that we both share and will continue to pursue throughout our marriage. Conversation flowed very well between the two of us, and we finally went out on our first date. That date went well and we decided to partake in many more. One in particular was a trip to Virginia Beach, which has been a vacation destination for the both of us for many years (go figure we vacationed in the same spot).

Over the time that we had isolated to ourselves in both the car and on the beach, we were able to delve into deep conversations, which I feel helped us grow together and learn a lot about one another within a rather short time. The time I said ‘I love you’ was one that we both had a feeling was being built up to, however we both were trying to feel one another out on if it was too early to say ‘I love you’. I went for it… and couldn’t be happier to the reception I got from Kelsie. Throughout the time before the proposal, we attempted to spend as much time as we were able to fit into our schedules with one another and I love that we have continued to spend so much time together, but also value the time that we have together.

Working out a time and place to propose amidst a state that I am only a year or so removed from moving to, was rather challenging without making it abundantly obvious to Kelsie. I attempted to make the day into one that she would appreciate the details of from the beginning to the end. However, the actual day ended up being far removed from what I had planned….

To start off, out of all days that Kelsie forgets to plug her phone in, I happen to have chose that day, which resulted in us slightly oversleeping. With the plan to go to a certain timed service at church now off the table, I had to adjust. Kelsie suggested that we do church from home, but I insisted that we go to service even if we were late. We ended up making a service, then headed to go get some coffee. When I had planned to go get coffee from one of the first places Kelsie ever took me in Fredericksburg, she decided that they didn’t have a big enough sandwich for what she wanted. So we ended up walking around downtown to eventually find somewhere suitable to Kelsie. All the while a photographer was waiting in the cold at Chatham Manor. Kelsie had offered to take me there a while back, and I used that to my advantage, even on the cold day.

So I let my beautiful tour guide show me around the premises, playing dumb to allow her to guide me right to the very end of the park overlooking downtown and the river. While she was pointing out a building and taking in the view, I slid behind her and popped down onto one knee and asked Kelsie if she would like to marry me. She replied before I could even finish saying what I had planned. Which wasn’t the most composed, as my heart was literally beating out of my chest and my words all went to the side. One of the happiest days of my life, for sure.”

Keep scrolling for highlights from their Big Day!

Thank you to these wonderful wedding professionals who helped make their day possible!

Venue: @woolen_mill | Photography: Lieb Photographic featuring Rebecca Dotson Photography and Brook Danielle Photography | Florist: @vintagefloraldesign | Bridal Boutique: @AvaLaurenneBride | Wedding Dress and Veil Designer: @AvaLaurenneBride | Make Up Artist: @tamingthelionsmane | Hair Artist: @belles.beauty.book | Bridesmaid Dresses: @azazieofficial and @aw.bridal | Caterer: @silk_mill |
Menswear: @suitshopofficial | Salon Services: @collagespa

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