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Jan 3, 2018

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I can’t believe this cold cold winter weather!  Boy, am I glad that we met for Melissa and Tim’s D.C. Washington Monument engagement session before the weather turned the area into an arctic tundra.  I had the BEST time walking around the monuments with these two, Melissa’s mom and Herbert…the amazing shih-tzu in the photos!  I love Melissa’s style and don’t they just look like the perfect D.C. professional couple?!  I learned so much more about them and loved being on the side of the Washington Monument and World War Two Memorial.  And friends, we even met Captain America while there.

Melissa’s mom was the sweetest and held on to Herbie when he wasn’t in the photos.  And Herbie was the sweetest fur baby!  I am so impressed with how many of my couples have pups and bring them to our sessions that I seriously am going to include a pup post in my 2017 round up blogs!

Our whole session was just as fun as can be and it only has me looking forward to their wedding day even more now.  They are my second wedding of the 2018 season so it won’t be too long!!!  So let me tell you a bit about their love story…

Melissa and Tim’s love story began at the terrace of Letts Dormitory at American University in Washington DC, where they were both undergraduate students. After a night of dancing and a hay ride in West Virginia, things took off for these two.  And their love thrived even after Melissa’s move to Chicago to attend the John Marshall School of Law while Tim stayed in D.C. for his career goals.  They visited each other monthly and spent the summers together until Melissa moved back and she, Tim and Herbert (their adorable shih-tzu) were reunited!

In the Fall of 2016, Tim proposed and they can’t wait to share their love with family and friends this year at their Rixey Manor wedding!

So how did Tim propose? Well, it involves the Washington Monument AND a sweater jogger!

In Melissa’s words…

“Our proposal story is quintessentially D.C. and us. After working a long day at our respective government agencies, we decide to meet up for dinner near the Mall since Herbie was at his Grammy & Grampy’s in Virginia and we didn’t have to rush home. After dinner Tim suggested a walk to the Monuments. Melissa said she had to decide between going home to do dishes or going on a walk, but on an impulse chose going for walk. We used to walk to the Monuments frequently when we lived downtown and despite being November 29th, it was unseasonably warm, so it seemed like the perfect night to just got for stroll on the Mall like old times. Melissa gave her sarcastic Mall tour, rattling off history and architecture facts being none the wiser that a love story a decade in the making was about to get a new chapter.

We made it to the Washington Monument and sat down on a bench to admire the Monument we usually rushed past on the way to work…and so Melissa could fix her band-aids on her blisters from walking all over New York City the weekend before. There in the soft glow of the lights surrounding the moment, with the city covered in a low sweeping fog, Tim asked Melissa to marry him. Surrounded by D.C. landmarks, history, and our own memories, she said “maybe…I think so… yeah…yes!” It took a moment for Melissa to realize what was going on and reverted to her lawyer instincts until she understood what was happening. That was followed by a few happy tears, a few phone calls, and a picture taken by the sweatiest runner in D.C. to commemorate the joyous evening.”

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