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Sep 17, 2022

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What an incredible Washington D.C. engagement session with Pamela and Vincent! They chose the DC War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial for their location and we ended up with gorgeous weather and a mild and pleasant evening. I was so excited to finally meet them in person as well. Now I can’t wait for their Morais Vineyards wedding next year! So without further delay, I’ll let Pamela tell their proposal story!

“On some level, I knew Vin was going to propose. He is not a subtle man. On Christmas Eve, he pulled up the ring website and asked me, “If I were to get you an engagement ring, which one would you want?” Vin’s mother ingrained in him that when the time came for him to buy an engagement ring, he should make sure it would be a ring that I loved. But Vincent is also very straightforward, it didn’t occur to him to ask a friend of mine about my ring preferences, he wanted to figure it out himself.

And so, on Christmas Eve, I designed my own engagement ring, which was a lot more fun than I expected! And now, looking back, I’m so glad he involved me in the decision process. Of course, I actually didn’t know when he was going to propose. My theory was that he was going to do it during our anniversary, on January 11. We had taken some time off to fly to Colorado for about a week. Later on, he would tell me he was actually planning on proposing during our trip but the ring didn’t arrive in time. The ring arrived while we were on our anniversary trip.

And so, while we were at the airport in Colorado, waiting for our flight back to Virginia, I got a text message from my best friend asking me to take a nail appointment she booked for herself because she couldn’t make it. I didn’t think anything of it until the next day after the nail appointment, after getting home from work, I found Vin on one knee right on our front door with rose petals and candles scattered all around him, asking me to marry him. And I said yes!

Now keep scrolling for more images from their incredible engagement session!

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