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Nov 21, 2018

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Niyati and Jeremy are no strangers to the blog. You’ve seen them in Arizona, at Rixey Manor and at Walden Hall. Today I am sharing highlights from their full day Virginia Indian Wedding at Walden Hall. I suppose everything has been leading up to this, but honestly it’s like one beautiful tapestry woven together. And I can’t think of a more appropriate wedding for a rainbow to grace the sky from one end to the other.


Niyati enjoyed preparing for her day with her close family…her sister, mother and aunt included. She had brought the most lovely ring boxes as well as the most precious “Do’s and Don’ts for Husbands and Wives” books. The apricot and green permeated the details as well as Niyati’s saree and even the tall grasses at Walden Hall.

Walden Hall

Virginia Indian Wedding

Niyati prepared to meet her groom with the help of her mother and aunt. After donning her saree and jewelry, she perfectly accessorized for the occasion. Once she was ready, we also took the time for some portraits on the Mark IV and some medium format film. Niyati was stunning and ready for her intimate Virginia Indian Wedding day.

Virginia Indian Wedding We then ventured outside for some more portraits. Niyati was lovely amongst the early Fall landscape. Her saree even picked up the peach and green tones of the tall grasses.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

The Groom Prepares

Jeremy is not without style either! His groom style didn’t lack a thing! He chose a well coordinated suit and details that perfectly paired with Niyati’s.

Virginia Indian WeddingVirginia Indian Wedding

After preparing to meet his bride, Jeremy spent some time on the porch at Walden Hall, enjoying the view as well. The pond was sparkling that morning and everything was calm. We had no idea it was going to rain in just a while!

Walden Hall Walden Hall

It was a stunning set up in front of the pond, picking up on the tones of early Fall in the Blue Ridge region. Even a butterfly came and danced around the peak fo the mandap. The alter was arranged with four pillars which symbolize the four parents of the bride and groom and the vital role they have played in raising and supporting their children. 

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

The Ceremony

The clouds seemed to open up right as we were about to begin the ceremony. After much on and off rainfall, the decision was finally made to move the ceremony into the barn.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

Jeremy, along with his family and friends, were greeted by Niyati’s family and friends at the entrance to the barn. Niyati’s mother welcomed Jeremy and asked him to crush an earthen pot as a symbol of the obstacles the couple will need to overcome in their married life.  Jeremy was then led to the altar by Niyati’s parents.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

A veil of white cloth (anterpat) was held in front of the groom to prevent him from seeing the bride. It also signifies that Niyati and Jeremy are still two separate individuals. Niyati walked down the aisle, led to the mandap by her maternal uncle. When the veil was removed, the bride and groom exchanged garlands as a symbol of welcoming one another into each other’s life.

Virginia Indian Wedding

The edges of the bride and groom’s wedding outfits were tied together to symbolize the unbreakable bond of marriage, and the bride’s hand was placed in the groom’s. A long rope was then placed around the couple to indicate the two will forever be bound together as life partners. Then the priest reminded them to treat each other with respect, love, and compassion.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

The bride and groom walked around the fire four times, with each round symbolizing a particular aspect of their life together.  After completing these rounds, another fun game was played and the first of the two to sit down was said to be the one who will have the upper hand in the relationship…can you guess who it was?

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

In the most important ritual of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom took seven steps together to represent the beginning of their journey through life as partners. Upon completing these seven steps, the couple was officially married.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

The Final Blessings

Jeremy placed the mangal sutra around Niyati’s neck as a symbol of his commitment. They then offered each other something sweet to eat, representing their first meal together. Once exchanging rings and receiving family blessings, the priest offered his blessings and good wishes to the couple. Jeremy and Niyati then asked for the blessings of their elders and touched their feet as a sign of respect. Receiving these blessings marked the completion of the ceremony.

Virginia Indian Wedding

A Rainbow, Romantic Portraits and a Spectacular Sunset!

When it was time for their romantic portraits together, Niyati and Jeremy exited the ceremony site to a rainbow! What incredible timing. So they walked over to the covered bridge to capture some sweet rainbow goodness.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

We then took a stroll around the property for some more incredible time together as they celebrated their first walk as husband and wife. The pond was reflective and the air had a refreshing, after-the-rain coolness to it…not too cold and not too warm but just right.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

I was a bit sad because I have enjoyed photographing these two so much and today marked the last time for a while. So I definitely wanted to make sure they had the best images with this remarkable sunset.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

The Reception

After their portraits, Niyati changed into her reception attire. Jeremy also changed ties to match as the two prepared to make a grand entrance into the reception space. The reception space was set up for their intimate reception with their  closest friends and family.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

After their entrance, they enjoyed a first dance complete with fog machine!

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

It was a joy to hear family and friends gush over the newlyweds. I especially enjoyed the toast from Niyati’s uncle as he told a few tales of her visits with her sister to see him as a child. It was clear from all that was shared that Niyati value family with a fierce love and loyalty.

Virginia Indian Wedding

When it was time to cut into that lovely cake, Niyati and Jeremy were sweet with each other and enjoyed tasting their two tiered cake together.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

Their sparkler exit was also one for the books as they danced their way around and shared a jaw-dropping dip together.

Virginia Indian Wedding Virginia Indian Wedding

When the evening was over, I couldn’t believe it was quite time to say goodbye to this incredible couple. Meeting their friends and family, hearing about their goals and plans and their common interests has been such a huge joy for me. I can’t wait to see you both again and I hope your honeymoon is dreamy!

Congratulations Niyati and Jeremy!

Keep scrolling to see what made their day so special. highlights from their day as well as the wedding professionals who helped make this day possible!

What Made it Something Special

Here are Niyati’s thoughts on what made their wedding day so special:

“There were so many special moments that made our day complete. But there are a few that stick out in our minds as memorable. The first was seeing our families coming together for the first time. It was a delight to see everyone getting along so well and enjoying their time there!   

Next, we will never forget the anticipation leading up to the first time we saw each other. During the October 1 ceremony, I remember how beautiful everything looked as the sun was shining down on us. During the Indian ceremony the next day, there was an incredible amount of build up and anticipation as the white cloth (anterpat) was held between us. When the cloth was removed, our eyes met as we exchanged flower garlands to welcome each other. It was like seeing each other again for the first time TWICE! 

We will also never forget my brother officiating the first ceremony, just how we felt as we recited the vows we wrote to each other, or the seven steps we took together to represent the beginning of our journey through life as partners. During the reception, our hearts were full as we heard the very thoughtful speeches. And it was an unexpected surprise to hear everyone ooo-ing and aah-ing when Jeremy picked me up during our first dance. AND… the icing on the very yummy cake was seeing a beautiful rainbow at the end of our ceremony!”

Thank you, wonderful wedding professionals and to see more Walden Hall weddings and engagements, peruse HERE.

Venue: Walden Hall

Planning/Coordination/Florals: Bella Giornata Events

Hair and Make Up: Yisell Santos Hair and Make Up

Videography: Olea Films

Catering: Rupa Vira

Cake: Haute Cakes Pastry Shop

Henna Tattoo Artist: Mehndi with Heena

Dress: Shree Designer Saree

Invitation Suite: Minted

DJ: Classic Entertainment

Ring: Forever Artisans

Alcohol: Louie’s Mobile Mixology

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