Skyline Drive Engagement Session | Lieb Photographic | Amanda and Alex


Nov 4, 2017

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I have really been looking forward to posting this blog post.  I had such a special time with Amanda and Alex on Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge for their engagement session and I love Fall in the mountains.  the weather was perfect…not to cool or hot and their adorable pup Cody came along and enjoyed it as well! 

I loved getting to know these two more.  As it turns out, Alex and I both come from families who immigrated from nearby areas in Eastern Europe to the U.S. with similar experiences. They also share a love of the outdoors and a deep appreciation for all we have the privilege of experiencing here. Amanda is doing an amazing job planning their Big Day (this December!) and in their spare time, they both train for triathlons!  In fact, they both plan on taking a long run together the morning of their wedding. 

We had a wonderful time exploring at the Thorton Gap entrance and going to a choice spot right at sunset.  It was a gorgeous sunset as well and Cody genuinely enjoyed sharing it with Amanda and Alex.  And Amanda’s hair and make up was perfectly paired with her sense of style..incorporating the warmth and soft hues of Autumn (thank you Yisell Santos for another wonderful job!). I seriously can’t wait until the big day in December at Airlie.  It is going to be full of warmth, joy and true love.  So I suppose I need to share a bit more about their love story as well!

Alex and Amanda have been dating for five years and had their first date in October 2012, after meeting on Much of Amanda’s evening was spent getting to know Alex’s friends and his adorable Border Collie, Cody, as the two joined Alex’s friends for a party and dinner. As the night went on and everyone parted ways, Amanda and Alex got some quality time together, spending several hours in the parking lot talking late into the night. And in case you didn’t notice, Cody is pretty much their fur baby and was one of the most behaved dogs I have ever seen during an engagement session.  He tried not to steal the show, but seriously how sweet is he!

Amanda and Alex dated a lot after meeting and in just one month’s time, they made it “official”…they were dating exclusively. Many dates were spent showing off their cooking skills and getting to know each other’s friends. They discovered much they like to do together and as avid skiers and foodies, they took their first vacation together in February of 2013, visiting Breckenridge CO. The trip was an amazing experience that brought them even closer together. Over the next four years they would continue to travel and turn each trip into a culinary and adventurous experience. They bonded over their love for the outdoors, camping, hiking, river tubing, spending time with Cody and training for their triathlons.

They bought their first house together in December of 2016 in a quiet community in the heart of Arlington. Six months after settling into their new home, Alex proposed on the 2nd weekend of June. As Amanda likes to tease, it was “longworth” the wait…Alex’s last name is Longworth…which makes for their great wedding hashtag… #LongworthTheWait)!

Alex proposed after open water swim practice at the National Harbor in Maryland. It was very early on a Sunday morning. He said he wanted to go to the end of the dock to take pictures.  They did and then suddenly, Alex got on one knee and proposed. It was a private moment between the two of them…right to the point, sweet and intimate…a great reflection of who they are as a couple.

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