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Oct 6, 2021

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I was pretty excited when Peiling and Wei chose a Skyline Drive location for their engagement session. But when the evening arrived, the route we had planned to drive had fog so thick that you could barely see two feet in front of you and it was already getting darker than usual with some rain on the south side of the mountain.

Skyline Drive Engagement

So we opted to stay at Panorama and then head to Pass Mountain Overlook (a favorite of mine). As it turns out, the fog was on the south side and not the north, so we were able to get a few of the fog behind them once we got to Pass Mountain, which made for some wonderful lighting and photos, to say the least!

I also love that they brought Conan with them (with the help of Peiling’s sister!). Peiling and Wei are such a sweet couple and my time with them only made me wish their 2022 Great Marsh Estate wedding date was sooner! But I guess I’ll have to wait and until then, let me share their love story with you! And then keep scrolling for highlights from their mountain engagement session.

Peiling tells their story:

Our story began one year before we actually met. A good friend of mine wanted to introduce me to a friend he met at the gym. I said no because I was against being set up with a stranger. Fast forward one year later, I met this stranger online and thought it’d be much more acceptable. Around Christmas of 2017, we went on our first date to Founding Farmers for dinner followed by a romantic drive through a beautifully lit Christmas Festival at Seneca Creek State Park.

By end of the night, I thought, he was a truly charismatic who knew how to make me feel special. My love for Wei grew as I learned more about the type of man he is. I learned about how caring he is to those who are lucky enough to be loved by him. He’s the type of person who truly makes your problems his problems and will always have your best interest at heart. With him, I feel like I’m always protected, that I can take on the world in my carefree, sometimes absentminded, ways and he’ll be there to catch my falls.

The day of the proposal we were supposed to head into DC to meet some car guy to look at a car that he was interested in purchasing. I was buying the story up until he decided to get dressed up. He even put a bandana on our dog Conan. After a year of COVID, I have not seen this man get dressed for anything so you can imagine my surprise at this moment. My suspicions began to grow as we arrived in DC and walk towards the Jefferson Memorial “on the way” to meet this guy. He stopped and wrapped his hands around me, said some sweet words and got on one knee. Despite my speculations, this moment still undoubtedly swept me off my feet. I was speechless and couldn’t not be happier. I can’t wait to spend forever with this man so let’s do this wedding thing already!

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