Morais Vineyards | Family Sessions | Part One


Nov 13, 2019

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This year’s Fall Mini Family Sessions are divided into two days. In an attempt to accommodate sickness, the weather and other circumstances, it just had to be so done! And so I am excited to share some amazing families at one of my favorite places! Morais Vineyards is a gorgeous winery and one of my all time favorite venues. But it’s also a great location for families. In fact, I’m looking forward to their Fall Festival this coming weekend.

Morais Vineyards

I started the day with this precious family. Ever since George and Kristen’s wedding, it’s been a joy to watch this family grow. And these little girls just get cuter every year! We also discovered that this bridge at Morais just seems to be a magic spot with littles.

And then came Mandy’s family! I’ll never forget waddling down the hallway at LHS side by side with Mandy. Watching her family grow has also been a blessing. We both had pregnancies that could not be classified as “easy” but they were close together! And now how precious are these sweet brothers?!

This joyful family operates one of my favorite local charities, Christ in Action. I love how they are raising their kiddos right alongside their ministry. These four are so close in age that they never lack a best buddy and a playmate! There were too many precious moments to count.

Time for Grandbabies!

And oh what a joy it was to photograph my son’s teacher and her crew! She has two grandbabies just about the same size and they were so very adorable in their matching headbands. This lady is a fantastic teacher and clearly a proud grandma!

I had the privilege of photographing Kelly and Zac’s wedding day and I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to see their family grow. Since last year’s Fall session, they now have a second sweet daughter and a cuddly new niece as well! This entire family brings my heart joy. I mean, literally, I see any one of them at church or elsewhere and my heart smiles! And can you say happy grandparents?!!!

I also can’t believe it’s the first time I have ever formally photographed Pam and Lance and their boys! You could probably insert my son in these photos and he would gladly tell you he is their brother too! This family is so dear to us. I can’t imagine our lives without them. It has been really fun sharing these with my son as well. I am so excited to be sharing them today with this dynamic five!

And last but certainly not least is the Quintela family! Growing up around a place like Morais certainly has its perks! And Linda knew exactly how to dress her family to compliment the venue and each other. But what I love most is their “togetherness” and their bonding over the newest addition to their clan…meet Pickles!!! Can we just make pickles the official dog of Morais Vineyards?!

Thank you!

As the sun set over Morais Vineyards, I leave only for a week! I can’t wait for more sessions to come! Thank you to each family and thank you for your contributions to three of my favorite local charities! Keep scrolling for more highlights from the sessions. And Happy Fall Y’all!

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