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Apr 19, 2017

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I am so thrilled to share Meghan and Trevor’s DC engagement session…it has been so much fun getting to know this couple. From our first conversation, I felt an instant connection to them and have been so anticipating our time together. After some ubering and cabbing around DC, I really got a great sense of their relationship (as well as a $20 uber credit thanks to Meghan!). Not only are they a fun couple with tons of chemistry, but they are also “parents” to the sweetest fur baby, Seth! Oh my goodness he is one-of-a-kind.

It’s amazing how these two never met prior to 2015 because they grew up a mere ten minutes away from each other in Maryland. But their worlds did not collide until February 2015 at a 90’s cover band concert in DC. The two say that it’s still up for debate who made the first move and started their first conversation. A week later, Trevor asked Meghan on their first date. They went to a local Mexican restaurant that both had frequented separately dozens of times! They enjoyed a couple of margaritas and Trevor went out of his way to drop Meghan off at home. She was impressed. The two quickly fell for each other. They enjoyed trying new restaurants, hanging with both of their families, taking trips, drinking red wine, listening to records and snuggling with Seth, the puppy Trevor adopted in October 2015. So naturally, Seth had to be a part of their engagement session…and he was so well behaved!

AND…Meghan and I are both JMU women! Go Dukes! Seriously the BEST school (sorry, not sorry UVA fans). And seriously, the minute you say, “JMU and Rixey Manor”…well, you pretty much have me! I had such a great phone chat with them prior to booking and I loved all of their ideas for their Rixey Manor at the end of September. So I have to also share their proposal story because it is definitely one for the books!

In their own words, here is their proposal story…full of great and dramatic twists!!!

Trevor and Meghan had been eagerly anticipating Trevor’s family reunion at his parents’ home in Ithaca, NY for months. They hit the road early in the morning for the long drive ahead of them. Trevor suggested stopping at a waterfall for a quick hike and photo op. Without realizing Trevor’s ulterior motives, Meghan wanted to skip it and get up to Ithaca sooner. Plan A – failed. The two arrived in New York and spent the first day and evening hanging with Trevor’s family. The next morning Meghan was outside on the deck and out of nowhere was stung in the eye by a bee. Her eye/ entire face immediately swelled. She wasn’t feeling (or looking) her best. Fast forward a few hours – Trevor suggests taking their puppy Seth to a park by the lake. Meghan thought it was getting late and nixed the idea. Plan B- failed. Finally, Trevor convinced Meghan to take a quick dip in the pool. It was an uncharacteristically warm evening in Ithaca. Meghan agreed and the two had a moonlight dip. Before heading back inside, Trevor totally surprised Meghan with a ring. He asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. It took a minute for it to sink in what was actually happening. “Of course,” she replied. Plan C- success.

They spent the next few days with Trevor’s family and headed back to Maryland to celebrate with Meghan’s family. Trevor and Meghan are loving planning their wedding and have finally come to an agreement on the thermostat. They cannot wait to commit to each other in front of all of their friends and family and dance the night away.

Location: Georgetown and Washington DC

Florals: The Posey Detail

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