Longwood Gardens | Bridal Portraits | Kelsie | Lieb Photographic


Sep 20, 2023

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I’m so excited to finally get to share this incredible session with my friend, Kelsie!!! She and my friend Dannielle (who just happens to be her mom), enjoyed a beautiful morning at Longwood Gardens a few weeks before Kelsie’s wedding day to photograph these images of the ever-stunning Kelsie.

From the Longwood Gardens’ website, “Longwood Gardens, one of America’s quintessential landscapes, is a place of ever-changing seasonal beauty, handcrafted feats of horticultural wonder, and an awe-inspiring collection of the most beautiful plants from around the globe.” This couldn’t be any truer! What a beautiful place to explore…and we still only saw maybe a quarter of it. I’m so thrilled to share these highlights from the morning, but of course, it was so hard to choose! Love you, Kelsie! 

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