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May 31, 2017

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Once upon a time there was an equestrian who fell in love with a sailor…and it all began with salsa dancing on Cinco de Mayo. The two quickly discovered how much they were meant to be together and began a journey that would take them through Michigan, bacon, horse shows and sweet potato fries.

And their happily ever after marriage began right here in Virginia at Brandy Hill Farm on May 20, 2017. I couldn’t have been more honored to be invited into their celebration as more than just an observer and even photographer…because sitting here today, I feel like I have known both them and their families for years. The hospitality, the warmth and the grateful hearts that have surrounded their wedding day have engulfed me! It has been a true joy to see their planning unfold and I have enjoyed emails from Lindsey’s mom with sweet details coming together (and pics to get me excited about their ideas!), meeting their families for their rehearsal dinner session, an engagement session at Lindsey’s parents home complete with Graham (Lindsey’s beloved horse), and working with some of the finest wedding professionals along the way.

When Lindsey said that they were going to incorporate both their shared interests and the things that make them individually special to each other, she wasn’t kidding! They literally tied a sailor’s unity knot during the ceremony, had a special feed bucket and lei for her horse, Graham (who was a part of their first look!), and had a wedding cake reminiscent of the sea. And those are just a few of the details! Their coral and blue palette was a true reflection of them and they even shared the second half of their first dance with friends who danced with them. And friends, this was quite the dancing group! You couldn’t ask for a livelier party.

They are both so poised and gracious and yet fun loving with a witty sense of humor. And this describes their family and bridal party as well. I have to say, I am truly amazed this year at how incredible every bridal party has been…sweet, prompt, supportive and happy. Isn’t great to see couples surrounded by folks like this on their big day? And Brandy Hill was the perfect place for these two to tie the knot. I think even Graham enjoyed himself. And the little yellow buttercups dotted the field beside the barn, creating a lovely backdrop.

And within less than a week of the wedding, I even received a thank you note from Lindsey’s mother! I am always blessed and humbled by thank you letters, tips and gifts from couples but what a sweet gesture to receive a thank you from a grateful parent! It was also evident that Lindsey and her mother are close and they worked together closely with Main Street Weddings to plan the perfect day…and perfect it was.

I did an unusual thing this year and decided to only book one May wedding in order to spend two full weeks with my family and devote the latter half of the month to other sessions and a holiday at home…a change from the typical May season! And I can honestly say…I am so glad that Lindsey and Reid’s wedding is the one God gave me to photograph. It has been a huge blessing and honor to serve them! So as I say “Cheers to the Peirces!” I will leave you with their love story, penned by Lindsey and Reid as well as the wonderful wedding professionals who made the day possible!

“Reid and Lindsey met while salsa dancing in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the spring of 2013. They attended a Cinco de Mayo block party for their first date, and the two ended up spending more time talking and laughing with each other than actually dancing. They forged a deep connection with one another, discovering they had so much in common, including realizing that their families each vacationed to the same island chain in coastal Georgia.

They grew close quickly through their common interests, and the two became inseparable in a matter of days. Lindsey and Reid both helped the other to feel like the best versions of themselves, and both knew they were (rapidly) falling in love with someone truly special. They spent every day together having adventures around Ann Arbor, and finding any excuse they could to share bacon or sweet potato fries. The two salsa danced 5 days a week, explored the vast hiking trails around Ann Arbor, and tubed the Huron River. Lindsey introduced Reid to the fun and excitement of the Michigan Renaissance festival, and Reid helped Lindsey at her horse shows. Over the next winter, Reid taught Lindsey how to survive a polar vortex while Lindsey regaled Reid with stories of a warmer, hospitable land to the south.

Lindsey’s job in Michigan ended late the next year and she moved back to Virginia, where she is from, for promising occupational opportunities. Although eager to follow, Reid stayed in Michigan to finish out the school year for his students. Following the adventures of long distance, Reid came through on his promise and moved to Alexandria, Virginia in August 2015 with Lindsey.”

So, Lindsey, how did Reid propose?

“Reid and Lindsey had talked about getting married for some time after Reid’s move down to Virginia. Lindsey’s great-grandmother had left Lindsey her wedding rings, so Reid and Lindsey only needed to select a setting in which to place “Nano’s” diamond. They looked at rings together several times in the spring, selecting a few that they both liked.

On Labor Day weekend, some of Reid’s out of town friends came to visit- Lindsey thought it was a “last-hurrah” of summer before Reid went back to teaching high school the next week. After a full day of touristy activities on Saturday, Reid told Lindsey they were meeting the guys at the Georgetown Waterfront for dinner. When they arrived, it took them a few minutes to find their friends – and Reid spotted them first. He made Lindsey stop, and he pointed; Lindsey looked over to see both sets of their parents and more than 10 of their best friends. As soon as Lindsey saw her mom, she knew what must be happening and she started crying. Reid got down on one knee and told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her – and then pulled the ring box out of his sock! He had been afraid it was too conspicuous in one of his pockets. As their friends and families (and an awful lot of bystanders!) cheered and applauded, Lindsey said yes.”

The following professionals helped to make their day extra special!

Venue: Brandy Hill Farm

Wedding Planning/Rentals/Linens: Main Street Weddings and Events

Florals: Good Earth Flowers

Wedding Dress: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique

Catering: Savory Fare Catering

DJ: I’m the DJ with Nate Clancey

Cake: Eloise Pastries

Hair and Make Up: Jeanne Cusick

Veil: David’s Bridal

Engagement Band: Mervis Diamond Importers

Menswear: Generation Tux

Bowties/Pocket Squares: Azazie

Men’s Socks: Bold Socks

Videographer: Ashton Burzio

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Officiant: Dr. Christopher Cook

Stationery: Hawthorne House Fine Paper

Photobooth: Curlyhat Photobooth


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