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Aug 1, 2023

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I was so excited to FINALLY be able to meet Mel and Aaron in person! We have been planning a session around Mel’s schedule, because when you are in healthcare, you serve others on crazy schedules. So I was thrilled when it worked out for us to shoot their engagement session at my favorite new spot, The Kennedy Center. (new for me anyway!) And Mel and Aaron are absolutely the sweetest so it was easy to capture this fun loving couple! So without further ado, here is their sweet story from each of their perspectives and highlights from their gorgeous session!

From Mel’s perspective:

“Aaron is my high school sweetheart and we will be getting married on our 10 year anniversary! We first met in person at a McDonal’d parking lot because I was doing a carwash with my soccer team nearby, and saw him walking with his friends. My first impression was, wow he’s so tall! Fast forward to our engagement, he proposed following a beach trip I had with his mom and sister. His birthday was coming up, so they planned a ‘birthday dinner’ once we left the beach and got back home. I got dressed and ready, and could not wait to see him as we had spent 3 days apart. When we got back, I walked inside the house towards the backyard to see the light of candles seeping through the back door curtains. I thought my heart stopped as I opened the door to see Aaron waiting with rose petals leading up to him. I couldn’t help but smile and just feel the utmost joy!!! He could not have proposed in a more romantic, intimate and thoughtful way. I just love him!”

From Aaron’s perspective:

“Mel and I are high school sweethearts, partners in crime, and best friends. Our nearly 10 years together have consisted of us effortlessly having the time of our life with each other. Whether it was the Bahamas or our couch, it was the best time ever because we were together. Our proposal came to fruition due to a rare 3 day period that we were not together. Mel went to the beach with my mom and sister, leaving me to secretly put a plan together. Day 1 of her absence, I picked up her ring from the jeweler, and let my mom know that I was planning to propose when they returned. Day 2, I spent the morning searching for a photographer that would capture our moment on a day’s notice (thanks Steve!), I picked up candles and flowers, let my dad in on the plan, and most importantly.. got Mel’s parents’ blessing! Day 3 was the day that everything came together. After work, I went to my mom’s house to set up candles and flower petals with my dad and Mel’s parents. I had spent the last 3 days thinking of what I would say when Mel got there, but when she opened the door, I blacked out, barely muttering “Mel, I love you so much, will you marry me”. What a life!”

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