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Jul 13, 2017

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When I first met Katy and David, I knew their wedding day was going to be fun. And I knew that their family was the most important thing. From the beginning, Katy and David told me how Katy’s daughter is their priority. So I anticipated an emphasis on family and their collective love story. So here’s just a little background info…

Several years back, Katy moved to the Northern Virginia area to be closer to her family and start a new career at Purple Onion Catering Co. There she met (in David’s words) “an extremely charming, funny, handsome man named David Jones.” After two years of knowing each other and a long flirtatious relationship, they shared their first kiss and five days after the kiss David told Katy, “I know this may sound crazy, but I think I’m in love with you. I’ve never felt this way before.”

Their happiness and joy with each other turned into months and then years. In David’s words:

“The most important detail to understand about Katy and David’s relationship is the simple fact that they had two years to get to know each other’s personalities and habits before they started dating. What kind of sense of humor did Katy have? What did David think about the fact that Katy had a daughter? How was he around her? How did the Katy and David treat others? These are the things that were answered before any commitments were ever made. Another extremely important detail was how well would David got along with Lily and even more importantly, how would Lily react to David? The answer: Amazingly! They are like best friends, but mostly because David is a child at heart! Katy and David’s love story would be incomplete without Lily in the mix. David fell in love early on for Katy’s motherly instincts.”

This couldn’t be any more evident as it was during their Americana themed Rixey Manor wedding. During the ceremony, David not only read his vows to Katy, but to Lily as well. He stated his intentions toward Lily, Katy and their family as a whole. Making sure to take photos with both Lily and Katy was also a huge priority and during the reception, Lily gave an outstanding toast to both her mother and David. It was also a joy to see both Katy and David’s mothers actively involved in each families’ lives.

One thing about the day that especially stood out is the extreme mix of tears and laughter. There was no shortage of tear-jerker moments and Katy, looking radiant the entire day, spoke through smiles and tears about her mother’s strength and courage, her friends’ loyalty and resolve and her family’s love for one another in good times and in trying times. The whole group of family and friends came together to celebrate a very special family including several bridesmaids from Katy’s childhood, one coming from Arkansas. Truly, there were lifelong, genuine friendships represented here.

Katy looked amazing in her BHLDN gown with not only a huge, beautiful bouquet for her, but her bridesmaids as well. And her vision for the ballroom came together perfectly with the combined efforts of Galleria Florist and The Purple Onion Catering Company. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the bride works for the catering company and her now mother-in-law is the owner! They really created a one-of-a-kind experience.

David and Katy made the day fun and full of surprises because that’s who they are too…it has been such an honor to serve them and their families…congratulations “Mr. Jones and Me”!


So how did David propose?

David had bought a ring unbeknownst to Katy. He shared the secret with Lily and she did an excellent job keeping the secret. David was planning on proposing at Cox’s Farm that Fall. Katy, David, Lily, Katy’s mother and Lily’s friend decided to go out on a Sunday evening and enjoy the Fall activities there. David was planning on proposing in front of all of them at the farm since Katy’s favorite season is Fall. They pulled into the parking lot and discovered the farm was closed on Sundays! Lily and David were equally disappointed.

The next evening, while hanging out at home, David decided he couldn’t wait any longer, walked out to the car to get the ring (because it was still there from the day before), came back inside, and popped the question to Katy in the living room with Lily right there with them. Katy, (and I quote David in saying, “in pajamas and looking as beautiful as ever”), started crying and said yes! Katy insisted on driving over to her brother’s house to tell her family (Katy’s mother also lives there). They did just that and Katy’s sister-in-law broke out some champagne (David said it was warm and kinda gross, but hey, it’s the thought that counts). After much congratulating, the three amigos jumped back in the car and headed back home, a huge smile on each of their faces.

Thank you to the following folks who made Katy and David’s day so special!

Venue: Rixey Manor

Catering, Cake and Decor: The Purple Onion Catering Co.

Florals: Galleria Florist

Hair and Make Up: Yisell Santos Hair and Make Up

Videography: Skipper Films

Wedding Gown: BHLDN

Men’s Attire: Jos. A. Banks

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal


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