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Sep 21, 2018

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This Virginia engagement session is more than special to me as this year I will have the opportunity to end the wedding season with this special couple.  As a mutual friend said, “I mean, common!  It’s Emma and Brooks!”  Anyone who knows them is pretty excited about this upcoming union.  For me, it goes back about seven years to when Emma was a student in my Photography One class.

The first day of school just happened to be the day of the infamous East Coast Earthquake of 2011.  Emma also happened to be absent on that first day of school.  So when she came back the next day, it was quite an eventful start to the school year.  Right away, I knew she was creative, thoughtful, fun and bright.  After she graduated and went on to my alma mater, JMU, I was thrilled to see her start leading Younglife at a local Harrisonburg area high school.

Life after JMU…

After graduating from college, Emma returned to her home town high school, certified to teach art and landing a job teaching earth science.  That’s not too unusual for a first year teacher.  You better believe that those freshman who were visual learners understood a good bit more about earth science!  But a job wasn’t the only thing Emma came back to do.  She also began leading Younglife on the Liberty High School leadership team along with me!  What an unspeakable joy it was to lead alongside her.  Although I had retired from teaching, a piece of my heart stayed with LHS and leading Younglife with Emma was truly golden.

But what was most unexpected for Emma was meeting Brooks.  Brooks had already been leading Younglife and I knew he was one of a kind.  He also took a special place in my son’s life as they shared some pretty unusual interests including baseball and an insanely unhealthy love of all things roller coasters.  They didn’t start dating right away but as they began to know each other as friends they went on some dates, spaced well apart.  I guess you could say Emma was a bit reluctant to begin a relationship so soon after graduating JMU.


Here we are over two years since Emma graduated and they are engaged.  It didn’t take long for me to see that they were a fantastic match.  And I’m pretty sure Brooks knew instantly.  So when they announced their engagement, I’m pretty sure the entire Virginia JMU and Younglife community gave a collective cheer.  And I could not be more honored to now serve them as their wedding photographer! So how fitting is it that after two rained out reschedules, we finally had the chance for their Great Marsh Estate engagement session?!  It’s a perfect choice since it’s also the venue for their big day this December.

Is it obvious that they can make each other laugh or what?!  Spend just a few moments with them and you’ll fall for Emma’s charm and enthusiasm and Brooks’ insatiable wit.  Needless to say, I am more than honored to serve them this December and to watch them grow as a couple over.  Congratulations Emma and Brooks!  I can’t wait for Big Day!

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