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Dec 15, 2017

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Last week, my son and I had the opportunity to travel to the greater Phoenix area to stay for a visit with my bestie and her family.  I also had the opportunity to photograph a styled shoot at a local venue with friends of my bestie modeling (and it’s their 20th wedding anniversary year!).  The latter part will have its own blog, but I thought I’d just share a few highlights and a few cell phone pics as well..cause who doesn’t love some poor quality vaca pics?

And of course, I am blessed to have a four year old who loves to travel.  He loves the airplane and the airport…especially when there is a Christmas tree!

And then we also had a friendversary photo session with the talented Tasha Brady who kept our tribe moving!

(This is one of the views from one of my new favorite parks…Veteran’s Oasis Park.)

Judah had a wonderful visit to the Phoenix Children’s museum with my bestie on the one day I worked and we all had an amazing time together going to parks, visiting and hiking around the Veteran’s Oasis Park and an evening at the Phoenix Zoo for Zoo Lights…a light show of which my son is still obsessed with!  We rode a camel, the carousel and enjoyed the musical light displays.  Most importantly, we had a wonderful visit together.  And Judah has been making “light shows” at home in the living room ever since!  I’m just waiting for it to trigger some alarm!

This is Zoo Lights…the Phoenix Zoo becomes a wonderland of lights to sing and enjoy together…

Playing with our friends, trains and parks, parks and more parks…even mommy having fun on the zipline!)


On our last morning there, we took a second trip back to the Veteran’s Oasis Park and the morning started out a bit cool and the only coat we had for Judah was one of my bestie’s son’s coats from when he was a baby!  But what sweet, enduring memories and photos I now have of him in that coat with a big bandaid on his chin from falling at the bottom of a slide the day before going feet first on his belly!

Before he was born, I used to visit Arizona more frequently and it was high time I took my son.  He loved being there so much that two mornings later, he cried a little and said he wanted to “go to new places” and see his friends again and sleep in their house.

So I end with some pics from a park and from Veteran’s Oasis…till next time, our loves!


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