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Apr 23, 2021

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I am soooo excited to share the first engagement session of the Spring 2021 season! Olivia and Tyler met with me at Airlie for their gorgeous Spring session. It was so sweet to finally meet these two in person! And with their Morais Vineyards wedding only a few short weeks away.

Airlie was the perfect place to stroll around the formal gardens, Spanish Steps and Butterfly Gardens to capture these two amidst the early Spring blossoms. It’s been a wild year for everyone, but planning your wedding during this time isn’t easy as well when you have med school schedules like Olivia and Tyler!

Airlie Wedding

So let’s read some highlights from Olivia first…

Love and Proposal

“Tyler and I met while we were both in undergrad at the University of Maryland; I was a sophomore and he was a freshman. I asked him to dance at a frat party. He asked me what my major was and he was soooo excited when I said Biology and pre-med (same as him). We met up again the next night at the same fraternity, our first date was that Valentine’s day, we started dating in March, and we said I love you by April. We’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since.”

Airlie Wedding

“Applying to medical school together was a turning point in our relationship. Medical schools don’t take relationships into consideration, and so the chances that we would both be accepted to the same school were honestly pretty slim. Plus, neither of us wanted to ‘settle’ just in order to be together. I worried about it relentlessly leading up to the interview season imagining the worst-case scenario, and Tyler stayed calm, collected, and was a constant source of reassurance during the process. We applied all up and down the east coast. Ultimately, Tyler was accepted to UVA in October and I was accepted in late January. It was the only school we were both accepted to, and it was one of both of our favorites. And so, as you can probably guess, we both headed to Charlottesville.”

Airlie Wedding

“We started dating at 18 and 19 years old. We were together for 5 years when we got engaged, and by the time we get married we’ll have been together for 7…Our relationship is amazing in itself, but I think it’s also helped us to grow and become more confident in ourselves as well.”

Airlie Wedding

“Honestly, we are very different. I think our high school superlatives sum it up pretty well. I was most likely to succeed and Tyler was ‘most successful slacker.’ Tyler is sarcastic, a total goofball, still laughs anytime someone says the word ‘poop.’ But he’s also one of the smartest, most ambitious, and hardest working people I know. We balance each other out perfectly and I’m grateful that I’ve had him by my side throughout the last 6 years. I’m so excited to take this next step with my best friend and continue building our life together.”

Airlie Wedding

The proposal…”Tyler got down on his knee in the middle of his apartment in May 2019. It was our typical Friday night and very low-key, but it was us and I still cried like a baby. I think he covered most of the other proposal details.”

And from Tyler…

“Olivia and I met when we were at college at University of Maryland at the beginning of 2014. We both were biology majors, which I found interesting, as none of my college friends were in any of my classes or shared the same major as me. We hung out a lot and got to know each other over the course of my second semester of college, when we officially began dating.”

Airlie Wedding

“We were together for all of my college experience, and ultimately ended up both applying to medical school. Getting into medical school is already a nearly impossible task, so we were more than fortunate to be able to both get into the University of Virginia School of Medicine.”

Airlie Wedding

“During my second year of medical school, I bought a ring and then ultimately proposed in May of 2019. I wasn’t sure how I was going to propose but we ended up talking and having a nice night on the couch in my apartment around the time I was planning to do it, so I just proposed when the two of us just stayed in and relaxed, watching our favorite shows on TV and ordering in dinner and wine. It was more our style than a big production or anything in public.”

“Although both my parents and Olivia’s parents knew I planned on proposing around that time, Olivia and I didn’t tell anyone I proposed until a couple weeks later because we were busy with clinical rotations and wanted to wait for a less busy time before we got all of the attention from friends and family.”

Airlie Wedding

So here’s an update on Olivia and Tyler today form Olivia…less than a month from the wedding date!

“Fast forward to residency applications. Tyler is staying at UVA to do his MBA, which means I applied to OBGYN residencies by myself. Tyler wanted to go back towards his family for residency (aka near NYC)…which is also coincidentally the city with the highest density of residency positions in the country. I applied only to programs within an hour radius of NYC and matched at one of my favorites! I am moving next year to start my residency program. Tyler will stay in Virginia to finish his MBA program and then apply to the NYC area next year for his Anesthesia residency.”

Airlie Wedding

“We also adopted two cats over the past year. Terp is named for our undergrad (Maryland Terrapins). And shortly after, we adopted Charlotte, named for Charlottesville (and our time at UVA). Tyler will keep Terp this year and I’m taking Charlotte with me to NJ!”

I can’t wait to serve you both on your Big Day at Morais Vineyards in May and I’m so thrilled to share highlights from your Airlie engagement session, Olivia and Tyler! Keep scrolling to see more highlights from their session!

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