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Apr 19, 2019

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Last weekend it was pointed out to me that there was a beautiful field of wild, weedy, yellow flowers beside the Great Marsh Estate. So Jack’s mom and I decided we should take advantage of them before they are all gone. This is the stuff that a Virginia photographer loves to find…a hidden field of wild flowers and a sweet boy willing to run around in them!

Virginia Family Photographer

While exploring the field, Jack even found several plastic Easter eggs that had remained undiscovered from the egg hunt last weekend! He was definitely more interested in searching for those than the field. And who could blame him? Soon we were all searching for eggs to steer him towards.

Virginia Family Photographer

But oh those flowers were so lovely! And Jack looked like a dapper little toddler model right out of a J. Crew Crewcuts advertisement. Soon he will be getting a hair cut and we had to record these curly locks before they fall!

Virginia Family Photographer

Thank you Jack for letting me walk around with you, finding Easter eggs and enjoying the weather. To some folks, these yellow blooms would be considered weeds, but us they are pretty little pieces of life!

Virginia Family Photographer

Scroll down to see more highlights from the afternoon!

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