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Jun 6, 2024

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I love engagement sessions on Skyline Drive and so when Tia and Michael wanted to meet at Thorton Gap for their session, I was thrilled! Michael also had proposed to Tia in the Shenandoah mountains so it was the perfect choice. Due to weather, we had to reschedule and ended up going on a day with changing weather conditions. There was sun, clouds, some rain, rain in the sun and a rainbow! It made for a gorgeous session!!! I can’t wait to serve these two at their Rixey Manor wedding later this year.

And now for their love and proposal story…

From Tia’s perspective:

Tell us your love story…”Michael and I met in middle school when we had 7th grade gym class together. The seating was alphabetical, and our last names start with the same letter, so we sat close together. I don’t remember much about Michael from this time other than that he wore way too much Axe body spray. While we ran in the same circles, I didn’t see Michael much until our senior year of high school when we had three classes together. Michael asked for my phone number by asking me to work on a science fair project together (we choose the very romantic topic of pervious concrete vs regular concrete). We dated for most of senior year before heading off to different Universities and going our separate ways.

Michael and I stayed in touch while were in our first years of university, we would meet up at a local diner when we both returned home for breaks. The intent was always for us only to catch up for an hour or so and grab coffee and tea but every time we would end up sitting there talking for hours (I wish I could say sorry to all the wait staff I’m sure we annoyed!) At the beginning of 2017, Michael and I were both single when we returned home for winter break and at the diner, he asked me if we could start dating and I said yes!”

How did he propose?

“When Michael proposed I wasn’t expecting it at all. He had gotten me a trip to Shenandoah National Park for my birthday in August. Since it was now early October, I was focused on the finally getting to take the trip I had gotten for my birthday that I was really excited about! While hiking in White Oak Canyon we took a break by one of the waterfalls and he proposed! I said yes!”

From Michael’s perspective:

Tell us your love story:

“Tia and I met for the first time in middle school, in our 7th grade gym class. I can still remember the very first interaction I had with her: The class was dividing up into smaller groups in order play some game that our teacher had devised, and I asked Tia if she wanted to join the group I was in with some friends of mine. She declined my invite without much fanfare. Tia and I continued through middle and high school together until our senior year, where we finally struck up a relationship and briefly dated before heading off to separate colleges. We reconnected our Junior year of college, and have been together ever since.”

How did you propose?

“After some six and a half years with one another, I wanted the proposal to be memorable and evocative of things that both of us enjoy doing together. We both love the outdoors and some of my fondest memories are us hiking through the various state and national parks around Virginia. I proposed on the banks of the Robinson River, overlooking a waterfall in Shenandoah, in a part of the park that we had been once prior. While we were pretty far into the park, I was struck by how sparse it was in terms of hikers and other passers by. After she said yes, we sat for awhile, just taking it all in. Just as we were getting ready to leave, another couple came hiking up the bank of the river. We got to talking with them and they gave us their congratulations, and mentioned they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. It was a moment of serendipity that I’ll never forget.”

Keep scrolling for highlights from this beautiful session!

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