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Oct 18, 2018

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The weather has been so unpredictable this year! So when Brittany and Mike ended up with beautiful weather for an early October engagement session, I was so very happy for them. They didn’t just chose the National Arboretum at random. This is the very place where Mike proposed! Choosing the National Arboretum was not only special to them but also a beautiful location for me to get to know them as a couple.

We enjoyed a security escort after hours to some of the choice spots in this national treasure. Our security guard even found the exact location where Mike proposed just as it was getting dark. The fountain was on as well so we were able to photograph there as well, minutes before the sun set. We also spent much time in the herb and flower gardens as well as by the national columns.

National Arboretum

Brittany and Mike were so comfortable with each other and they strolled around the place like they owned it! Mike was a real gentleman and Brittany was graceful and full of poise. Brittany rocked the high wedges and a lovely flowing dress just perfect for the weather. It’s hard to believe that she is a preschool teacher! But these two didn’t meet at work as Mike works at a local hospital.

So how did they meet?

In fact, Brittany and Mike met online over two years ago. Brittany says that they hit it off right away even though she thought Mike was a little too sarcastic at first. 🙂 And in her words, “In the beginning he was all about making a good impression. He was cooking for me, taking me out to dinner, volunteering to run a half marathon with me (which of course never happened), etc. Our personalities are different but mesh really well. He is the more relaxed jokester, the outgoing one. And I am the very type A, introverted, quiet one.”

How did Mike propose?

In Brittany’s words…”We had begun ring shopping a couple of months ago. I had showed him the type of ring that I wanted. We found a ring that we both liked but he told me it had been sold. The day he proposed I thought we had another ring appointment to view more. We were walking around the National Arboretum and I was trying to find this secluded spot that we really liked and had been to before. Finally we found the area and a bench. He started saying really cute things and in my head I was thinking ‘he should save this for the proposal.’ So when he pulled out the ring I was shocked!”

How would you describe your relationship now?

“We have morphed into an old couple, whose favorite things to do are go on hikes, walk around the different neighborhoods of DC, and just do relaxing things with friends and family. And we always tell ourselves that we are NOT photogenic and we usually don’t take photos of ourselves (just always forget). The one time we took nice photos (on a cruise) they didn’t turn out well!” So needless to say, Brittany and Mike are very excited for some lovely photos of the two of them together. I’d say they look amazing together, wouldn’t you?!  Here are a few highlights from our time together…

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