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Nov 2, 2018

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Lauren and Eric

Great Marsh Estate

Virginia Engagement Session

I first met Lauren and Eric at their engagement session at the Great Marsh Estate. It was a beautiful day in the midst of a week full of very cold weather. We were so grateful for the change in temperature for their Virginia engagement session. I had really been looking forward to meeting them after they booked their Mountain Run Winery wedding with me for 2019. It’s a local winery where I live that is home to one of the best Virginia Cab Francs! I highly recommend it.

Great Marsh

Fun fact: Eric’s last name is Marsh so we thought it pretty appropriate that their engagement session be at the Great Marsh Estate. Fun Fact #2: Eric also works in Fauquier County, home to Great Marsh. Can you guess from the images what his job might be? (;

Great Marsh

It’s easy to see that they rocked their engagement session! Eric was handsome in his uniform and Lauren is no stranger to posing…she worked it like a pro. and most of all, they came together like PB&J!

Great Marsh

Both Eric and Lauren are a pretty special couple. They share a sweet chemistry but also a beautiful friendship. It was obvious that they think the world of each other and are pretty excited to tie the knot next year. I had such a wonderful time getting to know them more and seeing what they have in common and what some of their plans are for the future.

Great Marsh

Congratulations on your engagement, Lauren and Eric! I can’t wait to serve you on your big day! Keep scrolling to see their sweet love and proposal story as well as highlights from their Virginia engagement session!

Great Marsh

How did you meet?

We met about seven years ago working at a grocery store. A mutual friend of ours worked there and she wanted us to get together. She asked me if she could give him my number so I said yes, even though I was not looking for a relationship at the time. He started texting me shortly thereafter. We later had our first date at Chilis in Culpeper, which led to several more dates and then to Eric prodding us to officially become a couple. I was scared to jump back into a relationship at the time. However, the longer I kept seeing Eric, the closer we became. So I took my chances and agreed to be his girlfriend and it was the best decision. I have never met someone so caring and so nice in my life. He treats me so well and always has. Eric has been there for me through some of the toughest times of my life and has never complained or let go. He is my rock and in his words, “I am his trophy.” 🙂 Haha!

Great Marsh

So how did he propose?

Eric did the best job at this! He had my best friend and her boyfriend go on a double date with us to Early Mountain Vineyards in Madison. I just thought we were having a winery day with friends, but they had it all planned out. My friend Brittany had the ring the whole time in her purse. She convinced me to go to the bathroom with her. During that time Eric took the ring out. (He didn’t want to have big box bulge in his pocket because he knew I would ask what’s in his pocket).

After we came back out, Brittany suggested we go down into the yard and take some pictures. Eric and I were posing for pictures. While Britt was taking photos, I had to see them when she was done taking each one. After I turned around from looking at them, Eric was down on one knee and took my hand and asked me to marry him. She took photographs of the whole thing and her boyfriend had recorded it the entire time. It was great and we even had an audience at the winery cheering us on!

Congratulations on your engagement!

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