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Oct 16, 2017

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When I first met Jessica and Chris, it was at our consultation over a cup of coffee.  Jessica is a teacher, so I immediately felt a connection.  But not only is a teacher, she is an energetic and joyful dance team coach as well and it was evident from the beginning that she must be well loved by many, many students because it was obvious that she cares so much for them.  Chris is the perfect compliment to Jessica…he is a true gentleman…the kind who adores his lady, makes sure she is comfortable and can barely stop smiling when talking to her and about her.  I was thrilled and honored when they chose to work with me for their wedding and engagement session.

Airlie was the perfect setting for these two, as they walked together, posed together and danced their way through the grounds.  It was easy to engage them together and give them prompts to make their engagement session more like a date because they truly enjoy being with each other.  In fact, this is what Chris and Jessica penned regarding their relationship and how they met:

“Chris and Jessica met 3 years ago while she was in graduate school completing her special education degree. Dance has always been a huge part of Jessica’s life so she knew it was a good sign when the two met out dancing with friends. Neither of them were expecting or looking for anyone, but they couldn’t deny the instant chemistry between them. Since then, Jessica and Chris are inseparable and undeniably meant for each other. Between their love of family, video games, craft beers, and their two cats;  the two of them are a perfect match. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend away exploring a new town or a lazy pizza and wine night in, the two can make any situation a good time as long as they have each other. Although their friends may tease them for being cheesy, they just embrace it because they know how lucky they are to have found each other.”

Next year they plan on tying the knot at Morais Vineyard and I can’t wait to serve them.  It will be such a joy to meet the rest of their families and bridal party!  So now onto what you want to hear…the proposal story!

“To Jessica it was just another Friday at work, but to Chris it was the most exciting, nerve-racking day of his life. Earlier that week Chris asked if Jessica would be interested in going to a family friend’s cookout on Friday evening which of course Jessica eagerly agreed to. Little did she know, she was about to get the biggest surprise of her life. When the day finally arrived, Chris picked up Jessica and they were off to the ‘cookout.’ Looking back on it, the two can’t help but laugh when they reflect on their completely opposite emotional states during the drive. Jessica was exhausted from a particularly tough day teaching, while Chris’ adrenaline was getting the best of him. Although Chris would like to describe himself as calm, cool and collected, even he can’t deny that he was acting anything but.

For the entire 40 minute drive, Chris made sure to fill every ounce of silence with irrelevant small talk in an effort to keep Jessica from catching on to him. As they winded up the driveway of the ‘cookout’ location, Jessica asked Chris if he’d call his mom, who he had said would be there, to ensure that they were parked in the right spot. In a moment of panic, Chris held his cell phone up to his ear and faked the call, while his cheek inadvertently dialed Jessica’s phone but she remained clueless! Chris then led Jessica across the front yard of the Airbnb that he had rented out for the weekend. They turned the corner of the house and walked towards the fire pit area overlooking a small valley. At that point Jessica looked at the little white table, topped with roses and wine, and wondered how they planned to entertain an entire cookout with just one bottle.

With a little help from the sweet Airbnb owners, Jessica was caught completely off-guard as the couple’s song began playing over the outdoor speaker system. She knew something big was about to happen when she looked over at his tear filled eyes and he said to her ‘you know I love you, right?’ The rest was a blur of pure love and excitement for the two. In the moment she said yes, both Jessica and Chris were shaking and teary eyed, hardly able to speak, with the exception of Jessica repeating, ‘this isn’t real!’ They spent the weekend exploring surrounding wineries during the day and cuddling by the fire at night, daydreaming about what their future held and all the adventures to come. The two can honestly say that it was the best weekend of their lives.”

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