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Sep 29, 2017

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I am so honored and thrilled to share Kristen and Alex’s beautiful Airlie wedding day with you!  When I first met Kristen, one of the first things that stood out to me was her sweet spirit and the way she spoke about Alex.  I think she may have even twirled her hair around her finger while talking about him!  It was obvious from the beginning that she was smitten.  And then when I met Alex at their Meadowlark Botanical Garden engagement session, it was obvious that he felt the same about her.  Even the way they held hands and strolled together with grace, ease, comfort and a little flirtation was something special!

As if anyone would have any difficulty getting on board with their love story to begin with, it gets even better…  The two actually met on a street corner in DC while waiting for their respective cab/uber rides!  Kristen was waiting with her best friend/maid of honor after celebrating Kristen’s MBA graduation and Alex and his friend had just left a local piano bar where Alex had played Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” for the entire bar.  Alex was brave enough to say hello to Kristen and after a couple minutes managed to get her number, all while stopping traffic…not an easy feat on many levels.  Not only did they end up going on a date, but they took their roommates on the date with them and now they have been dating for three years as well!  (And also in the wedding party.)

Needless to say, I was pretty excited about their wedding day, which was not without obstacles along the way…Kristen broke part of her jaw after fainting the month before the wedding but she charged on like a champ, making lemonade out of lemons and using the time to relax instead of feel stressed.  The weather reports were temperamental at best, but you couldn’t have asked for a prettier day!  So when the time for the wedding day came, everything was in place and Kristen and Alex couldn’t be more ready.  The weather was perfect and the venue was gorgeous.  They both came with great anticipation.  They also each had letters to read in private for one another and they were both excited for their first look in the Formal Gardens at Airlie. 

Kristen’s bridesmaids were wonderfully helpful and sweet and they all looked lovely together in the gardens and relaxing on the Paisley and Jade lounge furniture.  After Kristen and Alex shared a very sweet first look and some portraits together, the ceremony began in the Formal Gardens.  I love new wedding day traditions and Kristen and Alex’s was no exception.  They each had pieces of colored broken glass in two separate glass cylinders and they poured them together into one glass container, which will later be combined to create a fused glass piece for their home. 

Their vows were just so telling of their love for one another.  Alex even mentioned how they met and said of Kristen that “the clouds opened up in the night’s sky and the moon shone directly on you like a spotlight.  I remember the feeling of my heart being slammed back against my chest.  It was as if an angel suddenly revealed herself…so incredibly beautiful…I still can’t believe that I found you and that you took a chance on me.”  He spoke of how asking Kristen to marry him was the easiest decision he had ever had to make and how watching her create a home for them with such “determination, passion and care” reassured him that one day she would make a really good mother.  He spoke of her character, her intelligence and her loving and strong will.  He promised to always fight for her and nurture their relationship.

Kristen spoke of Alex’s character as well..his generosity, kindness and sincerity.  She spoke of his positivity and peace that he brings her.  She also said, “Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of this day….the flowers, the dress, the guy…and everything turned out just the way I dreamed it would.  Except the guy…you turned out to be beyond anything I’d ever dreamed of.”

And as if they couldn’t be any more on the same page, they also both spoke of Kristen’s hunger! (I mean, don’t most of us women get hangry?)

The entire day was full of laughter, family and friends.  And the details of the day were everything Kristen dreamt of…gorgeous flowers and planning from Wedding Muse, geodes with calligraphy for escort cards, lounge furniture and candles from Paisley and Jade, an amazing cake from Gateau and much more. 

Even the speeches at the reception were ones for the book…especially when the best man opened his notes and they fell to the floor in a list as long as Santa’s naughty or nice list.  Both he and the Maid of Honor poured out wonderful stories and kind words about both of them.  Their families were also full of warmth and caring and celebrated with such joy.  It was truly the best day of their lives.

So let’s back up and ask, “How did Alex propose?”  In Kristen’s words:

“It was Easter Sunday and Alex had made reservations at Old Anglers Inn in Potomac, MD for us and his sister since the rest of our families aren’t in the area. At the last minute his sister had to “finish writing a paper” for school and couldn’t make it. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it was their plan all along 🙂 Since we were both dressed up we went outside and she took tons of pretty photos of us amongst the blooming cherry blossom trees in his backyard. He asked for the nicest table in the house and we had a fabulous Easter dinner. The only thing I noticed was that he wasn’t eating as much as usual, but still had no idea one of the best moments of my life was about to occur. At the very end of the evening, even waiting until after desert he told me how much he meant to me and popped the question!”

Thank you Kristen and Alex for the honor of photographing your big day.  It was a lovely day full of love and laughter.  Congratulations!!!

Scroll to the bottom to see the these incredible folks who helped to make their day so very special!

Venue: Airlie

Planning/Florals/Decor: Wedding Muse

Lounge Furniture & Decor: Paisley & Jade

Band: Adrian Duke Project / Sam Hill Entertainment

Wedding Gown: Madison James from Couture by Posh Bridal

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes

Rings: Tiffany & Co.

Videography: Olea Films

Bridesmaid Dresses: AZAZIE

Hair and Make Up: BobbyPins & Blush

Officiant: Jeff Maszal, Wedding Ceremonies by Jeff

Cake: Lora Vennettilli Gookin with Gateau

Caterer: Airlie

Invitations and Stationery: Minted

Harpist: Diana Marie Gibbs with The Harpist

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