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Jul 31, 2017

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All my couples are special and these two are no exception. Not only is Abby my pastor’s daughter, but she has a VERY special place in my heart for another reason…and I think most mommas out there will identify. Before I started attending our church, I started to attend their weekly women’s Bibles study because I was looking for one at that time and my friend had told me about it. They had free childcare too…which was a huge draw as Judah was barely a year old, not walking yet. Abby was one of the childcare providers and I immediately could see she had a very sweet spot for children and a gentle, fun way about her. Judah loved her. And one time I took a peek while the kids were playing with balls in the gym and I saw Abby holding Judah in her lap while he watched the balls fly by and she was gently stroking his head. My heart melted…she was so sweet and tender with him and later I discovered how she also makes him laugh. Later I would have the chance to sing with Abby and serve with her at church. She has been a ray of sunshine and when I first heard the news of her engagement, my first thought was, “Well, Shashtri better know what an amazing woman he is marrying because women like Abby don’t come along every day.”

Fast forward to this past Sunday evening and Debbie (Abby’s mom), Abby and myself are talking wedding plans and then heading out to her parents’ back yard for an engagement session. I have been to a lot of great locations for engagement sessions at golden hour but I was pretty wowed by the beautiful creation right around down the road from my house (I LOVE where we all live). Abby and Shashtri have fun together anywhere and I’m pretty sure they learned a few new things about each other, as did I about them. Which, by the way, they have a pretty cute story too…you’ll hear more in the wedding blog in October, but ultimately, Shashtri literally ran into an espresso machine at work when he did a double take when Abby walked in the room! He may have even broken a mug or two!

After our session, it was back to the house for an amazing dinner and fellowship because THIS family KNOWS HOW TO COOK!

I am so excited about their Wolftrap Farms wedding in October and some of my most precious friends will be here for it as well. I’m sure there will be plenty of laughter and happy tears for everyone! And I can’t imagine a better pair than these two. So without further ado, here is Abby and Shashtri…

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